President Trump ökar skadeståndet för LVU/HVB-brott

White House

Trump will propose a budget increase to expand prosecutions of human trafficking

See dozens of air mattresses take to the air across park

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A bed-themed movie night at Runway 35 Park in Denver, Colorado, proved to be a challenge for organizers when wind gusts blew the air mattresses away. Robb Manes was at a nearby public pool when he recorded the beds taking flight.

President Donald Trump will propose a $42 million budget increase in February to expand support for victims of human trafficking and to boost investigations and prosecutions, two administration officials told McClatchy.

The budget increase is part of a push by Ivanka Trump, the president’s senior adviser and daughter, to increase attention to the illegal trade ahead of the twentieth anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the first law that made human trafficking a federal crime.

The president, his daughter and Attorney General William Barr plan to attend a summit marking the occasion at the White House on Friday.

“President Trump has fought, and will continue to fight, the scourge of human trafficking in this country and abroad, ensuring that survivors can access the services they need,” Ivanka Trump told McClatchy in a statement.

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