Pax Mare Baltikum Summit 2020 in Stockholm?

An audicious reminder to bold presidents:

A January 2020 announcement of a New Budget for World Peace Foundation and a new President, can send a signal for a coming creative Pax Mare Baltikum Summit Summer Event in Stockholm City Hall.

Is this a challenge to you, Mr. President Donald Trump?

An Handshaking Event between Presidents Xi Jinping, Putin and Trump can add both International and Royal Flavor to the Stockholm City Hall, annually used at the December Nobel Price Festivities.
Let us ask for the participation of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria Bernadotte of Sweden?!!

Furthermore, after the family Rockefellers had finally accepted the decease and inheritance split of late Financier Patriarch David Rockefeller at 101 years of age, I have presented hopes for His eldest Daughter Margaret to take an active interest in becoming Financier President for World Peace Foundation, as well as a key member of the World Wide BRI: Belt and Road Initiative.

Thus, handled with some diplomatic finesse, year 2020 can be fruitful for many countries, leaders and cultures.

Yes; do let us give peace a chance, says President Xi Jinping boldly in a recent Summit….

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