Utomjordingen Airls berättelse om Jordens politik, ekonomi och religion

Sjuksöterskans Matilda O’Donnel MacElroy telepatiska intervju med den överlevande piloten ’Airl’ efter tefats-krashen i Roswell 1947:

Tre viktiga, korta utdrag or boken:

1,034 – 1,124 AD

The entire Arab world was enslaved by one man. Hasan-ibn-al-Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain: He established the Hashshashin who operated a part of Mohammedanism with controlled by terror and fear much of India, Asia Minor and most of the Mediterranean Basin. They became a priesthood and an extremely effective mind-control mechanism and extortion tool that enabled the ”Assassins” to control the civilized world several hundred years.

Their method was simple. Young. men were kidnapped and knocked unconscious which hashish. They were taken taken to a garden filled with beautiful black-eyed houris in a harem decorated with rivers of milk and honey. The young men were told that they were in paradise. They were promised that they could return and live there forever if they sacrificed themselves as an assassin of whoever they were commanded ro kill. The men were out again, and shoved out in the world to carry out the assassination mission.

Meantime the Old Man on the Mountain sent a messenger to the caliph or whatever wealthy ruler from whom they demanded payment, demanding camel-loads of gold spices, incense or other valuables. If payment did not arrive on time, the assassin would be sent to kill the offending party…..

1119 AD

The Knights Templar was established as a Christian military unit after the first Crusade but quickly transformed into the basis the international banking system to accumulate money to conduct the agenda of operatives vestiges of the ” Old Empire” on Earth.

1307 AD

The Knights Templar was disbanded by King Philip IV of France who was deeply in debt to the Order. He pressured Pope Clement V to condemn the Order’s members, have them arrested, tortured them into giving false confessions, and burned them at the stake in an effort to erase his debt by seizing all of their wealth.

A majority of the Templars fled to Switzerland, where they established an international banking system” which secretly controls the economy of Earth.

”Old Empire” operatives act as an unseen influence from international bankers. The banks are operated covertly as a on-combatant provocateur to covertly promote and finance weapons and warfare between the nations of Earth. Warfare is an internal mechanism of control over inmate population …

Source: Alien Interview 2008, Lawrence R. Spencer ed., ISBN 978-0-6152-0460-4

P.S. Notera här hur väl utomjordingen ’Airl’ kunde beskriva dagens och årets 2019 konflikter mellan Islam, Kristendom och det materialistiska/ateistiska falskspelen med 9/11, krigen i Mellanöstern samt försöken att starta ett Tredje Världskrig av det anglo-amerikanska militär-industriella-komplexet via CIA Pentagon, NATO och EU…..

P.P.S.  Är det verkligen svenska politiker som styr Sverige?
Eller är det den Galaktiska Federationens Uppstigna Mästare
via meditations cirklar som tex Sananda.website hävdar???

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