Pedofiler i hela världen, sluta med era sexövergrepp!!


Dear president Trump

Thank you for helping us in both in the ASAP Rocky-case and the Swedish ’Anna’-case, these weeks.

Both cases are examples on the corrupt Swedish Legal System regarding pedophiles and trafficking as mentioned in my book: ’Profitable Municipal Kidnapping in Sweden”, published 2013. (and sent by courier mail to the White House by the then US Ambassador Mark Brzezinski to his President Barack Obama).

President Trump, your good contact with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is indeed such that, with a single tweet or telephone contact both these infected cases can find a diplomatic solution before mid next week.

Sincerely yours
Ove Svidén and ’Anna’

P.S. Looking forwards to seeing you again in a Stockholm City Hall Pax Mare Baltikum Summit next year.

Furthermore, it is a sign of Mastership of Your Governance, if You can convince my letter-friend Ms. Margaret Rockefeller, eldest daughter to late David Rockefeller, also be able to attend and propose: say, a Billion USD as a Family Rockefeller Good Will Investment in the Chinese BRI: Belt and Road Initiative!

P.P.S. The special envoy, of the U.S. Government on hostage issues: Robert C. O’Brien visited Stockholm for ASAP Rocky trial. The Unique thing happened that my friend ’Anna’ was able to leave a personal letter direct into the hands of O’Brien, in front of TV-cameras, on Friday August 2!

Please, let this be the ’Finger of God’ sign needed for Anna to get her son back from her pedophile ex-husband in her trial on August 15, 2019….

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