Welcome to a creative Pax Mare Baltikum Summit, 2020

Pax Mare Baltikum Summit;  A  reminder

Dear President Donald Trump, welcome to Stockholm next summer:
A Pax Mare Baltikum Summit Handshake between Presidents
Putin, Xi Jinping and Yourself in the beautiful Stockholm City Hall,
can be a Hallmark of your creative re-election campaign!

Especially, if you invite Ms. Margaret Rockefeller to participate.
As the eldest daughter of the late financial patriarch David Rockefeller,
Ms. Margaret can be in the position to offer us: say a Billion USD as a
gesture of Family Rockefeller Good Will Investment for the American BRI:
(i.e. The Belt And Road Initiative for: The Pan-American BRI-project
between The Arctic and Antarctic and the Pacific and the Atlantic)

God bless a future creative, neutral and peaceful Americas!

Ove Svidén World Peace Foundation, Stockholm
Philosophizing President and scenario writer

P.S. A copy of my book: Profitable Municipal Kidnapping in Sweden, was sent to each sisters Margaret and Victoria Rockefeller, beginning of 2014. A year or two after that, the US Ambassador in Stockholm, Mark Brzezinski offered me to send a copy of the same book to the White House Library, via his courier mail. It might explain some of the bold Executive Order You signed, with an indictment of 1500 pedophiles (present level: 110 000) during your first week in office after January 20, 2017?
I will love to meet my pen-friend Ms. Margaret Rockefeller in Stockholm.
Please give her a lift to the Summit Event in your Air Force One!

Furthermore, in my scenario mind, I will also ask Ms. Margaret Rockefeller
to engage as a Vice President of the World Peace Foundation Advisory Board!

A Pax Mare Baltikum Summit Day in Stockholm can thus be effective for US in many ways…

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