Bakom Kulisserna: Se hur falsk den globala ekonomin är

  • Den globala ekonomin är falsk och bedräglig

    Gold backed currency is the answer

    Regular readers know already what should have been done long ago. The Alliance, President Trump, the patriots and White Hats have been aware of this too, and they have made preparations for the appropriate solution, which includes Prosperity Packages for everyone. The population at large will receive gold backed currency via the RV as part of the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and GESARA.

    The process can be outlined as follows; it will start with the implosion of Deutsche Bank, which is expected to be the breaking point for the fiat financial system. Under the new Quantum Financial System, some currencies have already been adapted to the gold-standard. Malaysia has proposed to replace the Petrodollar with a gold-backed trading currency. Japan announced a new currency that will be issued later, and will be gold backed, while the United States has gold backed the new Treasury dollar.

    Expect to see more “gold-standard” related news in the near future as the GESARA-transition develops. The purpose of the transition is about nations reclaiming their sovereignty, creating fair trade, and returning to the gold-standard via the QFS.

    Since 2015, all nations have been working toward becoming GESARA compliant. The redemption phase of the RV basket currencies is expected to begin before the collapse of the fiat financial system, and will be transacted through the QFS.

    GESARA meanwhile, has been accepted worldwide. New elections are imminent in the United States where the dark ones will be removed and replaced with people working for the good of humanity. This will occur after the FISA disclosure has taken place, followed by the implementation of Common Law in governments and courts in the USA, followed by all nations globally.

    Once the people have received their prosperity package, they will start spending and consequently re-energising the economy at large. This economy will be the peoples’ economy as central bankers and their fake economy are going to be eliminated. There will be an open, free market, meaning that supply and demand will set the price for everything as a consequence of decisions made by millions of people.

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