Develop a creative Pax Mare Baltikum Peace

Pax Mare Baltikum
A Peaceful Nordic Link to Baltikum and Central Europe?
Linking also Belarus, Poland and Germany to the future BRI:
Belt and Road Initiative beyond Russia, Iran, India and China
all the way to Japan and Australia including United Korea.

Let a future Neutral Pax Mare Baltikum show the direction:
Peaceful Neighbor Country Relations for the next century
Beyond the Petrodollar Cabal Collapse:

The Wall Street Banksters, USA Inc., BoE, BIS, Vatican Bank,
Euro and European Union were just passing nightmares.

NATO is not able to start a WW III. Thank Heavens!
Meditation efforts & spiritual ascension worldwide,
tells Humankind that we have reached a turning point:

A COSMIC EVENT is at hand!

Creative Gold Backed Currency and Fair Trade
can reunite East and West, North and South: Globally
Beyond Religions, Cultural Myths and Geopolitics!

Let us do it; Let us begin …

Welcome first to a Pax Mare Baltikum Summit
in Stockholm’s beautiful City Hall.

World Peace Foundation

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