Pax Mare Baltikum Summit: Already in August 2018?

A bold one day Summit between Presidents Trump and Kim Jong-Un
has laid the foundation for a denuclearized United Korea!

This will stabilize the BRI: Belt and Road Initiative’s North Eastern corner.
The Pax Mare Baltikum can likewise stabilize the BRI’s North Western corner.

P.S.  The expectations on a Pax Mare Baltikum Summit in Stockholm,
are escalating: Can Neutrality become a 
viable credo for a Century?
Can we create a Peaceful New World Order via a Nordic Neutrality?

Yes we can!   Let our spiritual creativity act
through our visionary Third Eye!

Welcome to Stockholm, Presidents Trump and Putin   /   Ove Svidén

P.S. The world political turmoil at present, is well described in:
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  1. Viktoria Kivipuro skriver:

    Welcome to the Peaceful New World Order


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