Third Letter to President Trump 2018


World Peace Foundation

Stockholm, 2 April, 2018


Dear President Donald Trump!

You certainly do restore America again in power,
by the swift and able use of  Your Executive Orders!

I am impressed of your fast chase of the remaining cabal and replace petrodollars with a gold-backed Yuan, as noticed by Benjamin Fulford below

Can you also see the beauty of the following scenario, as I can?

I will invite Nobel Peace Peace Price Laureate Barack Obama
to become President for World Peace Foundation at this summer’s Peace Summit in Beautiful Stockholm City Hall. Ms. Margaret Rockefeller will also be elected as WPF Vice President in August.

Together with the blessings from Presidents Putin and Yourself
The Pax Mare Baltikum can set sail for the Capitals of a Ring of Neutral Nations around the Baltic Sea engaged in a BRI Project and a: Peaceful New World Order!

This Belt and Road Initiative is a Awesome International Investment Project, some hundred times larger than the Marshall Plan some seventy years earlier.

In a coming year WPF Peace event President Margaret Rockefeller (oldest daughter to David Rockefeller, deceased a year ago) can give her insider touch to:

A Peace, Spirituality and the Future Conference in Brussels,
while Sir Barack Obama enters as a leader and President of a future Peaceful World Government!

The above scenario glimpse can hopefully also inspire the late David Rockefeller in his heaven, who is proudly reminded upon his own important steps toward this thousand year World Government Vision to be managed by his daughters, grandchildren and a vital new creative generation of light workers…

Ove Svidén      World Peace Foundation
Philosophizing President and scenario writer
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