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Trump and Netanyahu strengthen criminal policies against the Palestinian people

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
The political position expressed by US President Donald Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after the latter’s visit to Washington, has again revealed that US imperialism will always support its ally and outpost in the Middle East, as an accomplice in the war crimes on which the Israeli regime is based.
The World Peace Council has repeatedly emphasized its resolute defense of the free and independent State of Palestine, within the borders prior to the 1967 war — when Israel invaded and occupied the Palestinian territories –, having East Jerusalem as its capital, with the refugees’ right of return and the liberation of thousands of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, including over 300 children.
These are principles agreed upon by the peace-loving forces all over the world and reflected on various UN resolutions, which are constantly violated by the ongoing Zionist occupation, the expansion of settlements and the creation of new demands for any peace process. That is the case of the outraging demand repeated by Netanyahu, beside Trump, for the recognition of Israel as a ”Jewish State” by the Palestinians — when he acts as if the Palestinian people, who have recognized Israel decades ago, had no right to a state — and for the continuing Israeli control of their territories, that is, for the occupation to go on.
Trump, on his turn, has made it clear that the US will continue to play its role, as an accomplice of the State of Israel’s crimes. He was soft in his criticism of the settlements — saying he expects Netanyahu will ”hold back on” this criminal activity ”for a little bit” and engaged in irresponsibly reviewing the solution advocated for even by his predecessor, Barack Obama, who set an all-time high in military funding sent to Israel.
The same goes for Tump’s provocative promise to move the US Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, from where the Palestinian population has been expelled. The provocation regarding Jerusalem will only contribute to convince the world that all US diplomatic initiatives are false.
Expanding settlements, keeping the blockade on the Gaza Strip, the massive incarceration of Palestinians, denying the refugees their right of return and insisting in burying the possibility of the State of Palestine’s establishment, as well as the systematic and growing persecution of those who show solidarity with the just Palestinian cause, also reveal to the world the criminal nature of the Zionist state, with support from US imperialism.
Therefore, international solidarity with the Palestinian people is intensifying and Israel’s isolation is growing exponentially. The Zionist leadership’s war crimes will not remain in impunity.
We join the Palestinian people, always, and all peace movements, for justice and freedom, demanding the end of the Zionist occupation and defending the creation of the free and sovereign State of Palestine.
Socorro Gomes
President of the World Peace Council
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