Ett viktigt brev …

På onsdag den 20 januari planerar Natalia Petrova och medborgarvittnet Ove Svidén 370310-0531, att besöka den Ryska Ambassaden i Stockholm. Tillsammans vill vi försöka få Ryska Ambassadören att skriva under ett brev i denna anda:

The family Natalia Petrova and her twin daughters Maria & Nelly Umarova were accepted as UNHCR protected refugees in Sweden in summer 2010.

But on December 16, 2010, Nelly and Maria were brutally kidnapped from their school in front of their teacher and schoolmates by two CPS employees and two police officers. The kidnapped twins were brought to a secret place. The assigned lawyer for the family, did not mention anything about the kidnapping event to the distressed mother Natalia for five days. ( This is a typical behavior from a overconfident junta of civil servants in hidden consensus about the Profitable Municipal Kidnapping Scheme in Sweden, by its state/commune controlled Child Protective Services. Individual CPS members are often also shareholders in the privately owned HVB- establishment, hiding the children for profit). HVB is an acronym for Hem för Vård och Boende; i.e. Home for care and custody)

Similar severe criticism has been formulated by the Russian Government towards all Nordic countries under the latest years. So, if well managed, this Natalia, Maria & Nelly affair, can come to be a Benchmark Case for the planned Criminal Investigation of Swedish CPS, by the European Council! Especially if:

1. The Maria and Nelly twins are returned to their mother Natalia in their UNHCR Protected Exile in Sweden.

2. That the family reunion is performed before Maria and Nelly become 18 years of age, on January 26, 2016.

3. So that the family can celebrate, by having a happy birthday party together on tuesday, January 26 in Skärholmen.

4. That a monetary compensation is paid to each of the family members, for the social&economic terror they have endured, and the physical, mental and spiritual suffering they have encountered.

Yours sincerely

Russian Embassy, Stockholm


Suggestion: Please send a copy of the final letter, also to the following addresses:

UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Agencies in Kiev, Stockholm, Geneva and New York

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Statsrådsberedningen, SE-103 33 Stockholm

Minister of Justice, Morgan Johansson, Statsrådsberedningen, SE-103 33 Stockholm

Chairman Donald Tusk, European Council, Rue de la Loi 175, B-1048 Brussels

President Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Nordic Committee for Human Rights – NKMR/NCHR
– For the Protection of Human Rights in the Nordic countries:

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