Varde Ljus, Kristus-Medvetande och Fred på Moder Jord

En Jul och nyårshälsning från Skaparen


Dear Brothers and Sisters, I bring you greetings from the entire Company of Heaven this Holiday Season.  Of course, many of you know that my birthday was actually in the spring, but it doesn’t matter.  We all celebrate at this time of year.  These celebrations go back far beyond the time when I came to Earth during the Jesus lifetime.  We like to think of it as a time to celebrate the rising of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.
Christ Consciousness Is the Will, Mind and Love of God
For those who have been trained by their religion to think of the name “Christ” as mine alone, let me explain.  The Christ Consciousness is the expression and realization of the mind, will, and heart of God.  It is the knowing within oneself that we are here to represent God’s Love.  I came in that lifetime with my wife Mary Magdalene, who carried the Christ Consciousness as I did, and we were surrounded by our loving family who all supported and carried the Mission to uplift and inspire the people of Earth to Ascend.  It was our hope that the great effort at that time would usher in a wave of compassion, good will and a deeper connection with God.
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