Ett dramatiskt årsskifte väntar oss alla på Moder Jord

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Ljusa Framtidshälsningar  från filosofen Ove Svidén
….  Our patience and determination has paid off, my dear friends.  We have built the Rainbow Bridge between us – you there on the surface, and us here in higher dimensions.  We are not different; we are just in different experiences at the moment, but we have often been in your place, as you have been in ours.  We too have been ”Boots on the Ground” while you cheered us on from higher dimensions.  We grow closer by the moment, and I, Sananda, could not be more delighted for it.
We embarked on this great mission eons ago.  We always knew there would be a resolution to the challenges we faced.  Is it so surprising that it should be now?  We are not surprised with the progress you have made bringing it all to fruition, but we are constantly in awe of the grace and resourcefulness you have shown in the process.
We love you always.  We admire you and delight in the celebrations and renewal of old friendships we will experience together, as our Great Central Sun (the Light of our Mother and Father God) rises to bless our new life here on our beloved Planet Earth.
Namaste, Beloved Ones.  I am your Sananda.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, December 9, 2015
”Thank Heaven for These Most Wondrous Gifts!” 
by Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy 

8 December 2015

4 Ik, 5 Yaxk’in, 12 Manik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) An operation which is to give you a new world is now finishing. For millennia your surface reality has been limited in its perceptions by core lies and unbelievable deceptions. You are at least at the very edge of a different reality, in which you are surrounded by truth and new governance dedicated to your well-being. This is something that you are not used to. Rather, you expect to be lied to, cheated or just plain deceived. Over the past few weeks, a new realm has been constructed. This world is more than a gift for this holiday season; it is to be a realm in which you can rejoice. This new realm is there, but not yet manifested. You are presently seeing it manifested before you. The dark is defeated, but not yet isolated from you. A final set of events needs to occur before this most wished for event occurs. This reality is being slowly transitioned and when this is completed, some very clear signs are to appear before you. Until then, be both knowing and confident of this great change in your reality.
Long ago, Heaven decreed that this moment in your history was to happen. We are here to help implement those things, which are to make this complete. Heaven has given instructions about how this wonderful present is to appear. Already the signs of these numerous changes are in the air. We have watched as your many Light groups have, all too slowly for us, prepared your reality for this grand shift. We feel they have been too lenient about isolating the Anunnaki’s minions from you. This procedure was done with ”velvet gloves,” but needed a more forceful approach. We intended with the ancient families, selected royals and their secret society’s approval to quickly dispose of them by sending them to a special series of alternative realities. This process was intended to permit enlightened souls to swiftly proceed with the delivery and education required to give you your blessings. Instead, this present morass is what occurred.
As these various difficulties unravel, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this transition period can take longer to start, but we have observed how quickly you adapt to new realities once they truly manifest. As a people, you are most resilient. It those who have indelibly become a part of any cultural reality that are most unwilling to change. Thus, we continue to oversee what is occurring and wish that we had more of an important part in this rather drawn-out process. At present, all major transfers of funds by our earthly counterparts are completed. This operation in itself was very drawn out. In our view, the security insisted upon was above and beyond all requirements. Nevertheless it was done, and the next step is delivery. Those involved with this process are again being too timid for their own good! Despite this, we now expect this to happen relatively quickly. This procedure is to be just the start of events that are to forever change your reality.
This procedure is reaching a point where the first of many events that you have long waited for can happen. This process has had its pace quickened, as each of you has begun to think collectively. This joint effort is about to be rewarded. The first part of a massive delivery is ready. What remains is the slow deliberateness of those in charge. While all this is happening, the last thrusts of the dark’s minions go on. The New Year promises to be one in which a whole host of long announced promises at last come true. The deliveries of the first items look to happen before your Xmas. Use this first flurry of activity as a sign that some truly fantastic events are on the near horizon. We are readying a series of things that are but the first items in our parcels of goodies. Our intent is to see the rise of new governance and the ending of a long and vicious UFO cover-up. It is time you were told of our existence and benevolence. The long link between us needs to be freely revealed!  ….
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