Upplev känslan av att vakna till ett vidgat medvetande!

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i Peace Philosophers Blog:  www.peace.se/blog/ av den 14 augusti 2015

Upplev kraften i ditt Högre Jag: I AM Presence 


Excitement, Blessings and Ships Everywhere!
By Sananda and Ashtar
Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is I, Sananda.
Today is a time of celebration in the entire Multiverse.  We are so excited, pleased, delighted and amazed all at once, we are jumping for joy.  You must be feeling it there on the ground – the tremendous shift of energies today.  It is as if the tethers were untied and the air balloon carrying you is lifting off in all its glorious colors, with all of us surrounding all of you as you rise to meet us.
Words cannot do justice to the relief and joy we feel as we watch the trajectory of your actions creating a great wave of Light energy that has built a rainbow bridge between the 3rd dimension and the 5th where we stand cheering.
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