Uppstigning mot Enhets-medvetandet

Ascension towards Unity Consciousness

By Archangel Michael

Beloved Angels and Masters, it is such an exciting time on Earth and in all of Heaven – we are what you would call bursting at the seams (if we had seams) with joy and anticipation of the wonders you will soon behold.  Yes, we have said these things before, and they are still true.  The Blessings that are coming will seem magnificently impossible to you.

Now I want to help you understand a few good strategies to move you along your Ascension path, out of the dark Matrix and into the brightest Light.  Be assured, you are now capable of sustaining such Light.  I hope my suggestions will provide a road map for you in the ongoing scrutiny of your selves, your world and your connection to us.

I will name a few of the leftover stumbling blocks you encounter daily in your life here on Earth – those emanating from you, and those that are directed at you.  As we move ever closer to Unity Consciousness:

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