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Mother’s Mini-Message # 7
The Trouble with Pleading Innocent

Today I will give you just a small taste of a subject we will be studying together in the near future.  It is a key to your freedom, a mystery door that was closed eons ago.  I urge you to walk with me, venture forth into unknown territory, and risk losing everything you have ever found annoying, infuriating, hurtful and irreconcilable about missed communications with others.

I am about to open a subject that has been supposedly settled ages ago, and I intend to make you question everything you thought you knew about human nature, forgiveness, and peaceful negotiations.  I hope I have you interested.  I will begin with a poem from Kathryn’s book, Who Needs Light.  It illustrates a particular personality trait that is all too familiar:

Oh my, did I spill that?
How clumsy of me.
Your new suit, your briefcase,
All sopping with tea.
I wish I were suave and
Well-ordered like you.
I just stumble along
And – oops – step on your shoe.
You’re competent, worldly,
Not fearful like I am.
You’re brave and secure,
You go forth like a lion,
While I’m so distracted,
My mind’s left ajar…
Oh, yes, did I tell you
I totaled your car.
Oh, I’m so hopeless,
You’ll hate me, you see,
I locked out the children
And misplaced the key.
But the neighbor was lovely,
The police were so gracious,
Now, where is my wallet?
I guess I’ve displaced it.
I’ll just have to borrow
A wee bit of money.
I’m so glad I could help
When you needed me, Honey.

It is funny, except when you are brought back to incidents in your own life that left you frustrated, angry and stonewalled by a clever acting job that was intended to convince you that this person is truly helpless, mentally unhinged, and completely unaware of her/his actions and the frustration they cause others.

Here is the truth:  She/he has perfected the Insanity Plea: ”I didn’t know what I was doing.”  ”I didn’t intend to do it.”  She will probably apologize, but her apologies will sound inane and shallow, and yet she is often described by those who know her as having ”a big heart.”  They probably remind each other that in spite of her many ”accidents” or ”mistakes,” she deserves to be forgiven and tolerated because ”she means well.”

Nonsense. This manipulator is clever, calculating and conniving – a Master of human vulnerability and dark programming.  She blind-sides people all the time because of the program that is running in them behind the scenes – one so pervasive that it is invisible in plain sight.

There is a simple idea without which this whole program would crash and burn. It is this:  the belief that people are so stupid, so out of control, so lacking in introspection or empathy for others that they really don’t know what they are doing much of the time.  The scaffolding that holds up this concept rests upon a second equally absurd idea – that anyone who professes innocence by reason of unconsciousness is making a noble gesture, and deserves to be forgiven, especially if they apologize.  To refuse forgiveness would be uncharitable and unfair.  I say, nonsense again.

Now, I challenge you to identify the Big Lies in this program and explain why they have served to destroy trust, undermine good will, and make a mockery of integrity.  They reward dishonesty, disguise malevolence as kindness, and deprive the victim of any hope for real justice.  Are you ready?  Here they are:

Human beings are afflicted with a deep and unfathomable ”unconscious” which controls their actions, against their own true feelings and beliefs. They can’t help it.
It is an honorable and praiseworthy effort when a person apologizes for their hurtful actions, even if they were ”unconsciously” motivated.

Now I invite you to examine your own life, your ”accidents” and those inflicted upon you, and prepare a small analysis or essay with brief examples, which you are invited to share with us on Kathryn’s radio show tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 8 pm EDT.  (

Show us how this single booby-trap completely precludes Mastery, and why using it in your own defense will prevent your Ascension, drive your loved ones crazy, and create a wedge that will destroy close relationships.

Together, we will dismantle one of the most insidious programs the Anunnaki ever created and imposed upon humankind. Join us in the Temple of Light, where we will begin to untangle and de-construct this insult to the Creativity and consciousness of humankind.

I am your Mother, looking forward to our Ascension work together.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 9, 2015

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