Gratulerar; Du spränger målsnöret. Ljuset segrar!

Mother’s Mini-Message #8
You’re The Last To Know

Congratulations.  Strike up the band.  Let the balloons fly.

It’s not just that the battle is over, or the war is over.  The entire struggle is over.

Dear Lightbearers, you have done it!  The last important step is for you to comprehend that you have done it.

What have you done?  The new day has already dawned on Planet Earth.  Love wins.
The light has risen.  You are being restored as we speak.
The momentum has been reached and sustained.
Light floods every corner of your Earth.

It is as though a surprise party has been carefully planned.  The guests have all arrived and found their hiding places.  The food smells delicious.  The punch bowl is full and presents are piled on the tables.  Everyone knows about the celebration and is laying in wait to jump up, flip on the light switch and yell, ”Surprise!”

The only one who is yet unaware that it is time for the celebration is you.
But there is great news.  You are standing at the door with your hand on the knob.
Fling open the door!  Let go of the old ways once and for all.  Step into the party where we will pat you on your back, lift you on your shoulders and call your name with a great megaphone.  Together we will celebrate for evermore.

Children of Earth, pods of unstoppable, undaunted Lightworkers such as yourselves work alone and in small groups, like camp fires dotting your globe.
If you could see what we see, your laughter and relief would fill the heavens.

So, your Father and I come to tell you now.  We know this home stretch has left you exhausted.  We see that you have clung with all your heart to your mission, and we tell you now, you have succeeded.

Stay the course but a moment longer.  You have done it.  We have done it.
In the next breath you will begin to see the grand results of your long efforts.
Hold on, Children.  Shine your light, sing your heartsong.  We are there.
We are there.


Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May,  June 10, 2015

Listen to the BlogTalkRadio show where Mother introduced this perspective to us.

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Michael’s encoded message: 


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