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Mother’s Mini-Message #10

Evil is Pretending You Don’t See Evil

Tonight we will speak briefly about a topic that has become taboo to even mention, as if the mere mention carried some mysterious and prophetic power.  Father and I are here to debunk this unfounded myth.  We will now name this topic, and then we will briefly speak our piece on the matter.  Once it is addressed, we will be able to proceed in the coming messages at the speed of light into the next phase of your de-programming and Ascension.

The topic of tonight’s abbreviated message is EVIL.

Evil is the absence of LOVE.  It is the basest level of consciousness.  It is the level of consciousness that is found in parasites who eat their host and then each other.  It is the form of consciousness that states, ”If I can’t have it my way, no one can have it at all.”  It is a maniacal commitment to Lose-lose scenarios.  It is unbridled selfishness.

Evil is simplistic, dressed up in tacky clothes to try to pull off something it can never achieve.  It is all about domination, control, imitation-creation, and monotonous schemes of hoarding and war.

Evil is to plan and carry out the extreme suffering of as many as possible.  Evil is not a quality that exists above the 4th dimension, because it is a highly delusional and therefore temporary experience.  Evil is always fleeting, self-serving and insane.
It is an intentional assault against Father and me, and it is a purposeful onslaught against Cosmic Law.  Father and I are here to say now – evil will no longer be tolerated.

We are already dealing with most of you in private, and this is our final curtain call for you to drop the fantasies and the roles of pretending you are important or in power simply because you demonstrate cruelty.

Imbedded in the programming you are each inundated with is some form of the belief that evil is power, and that it makes you powerful to feel it.  This is the lowest form of experiencing emotion, and has nothing to do with the coming Golden Age and the destiny of Earth and all upon her.

E-V-I-L is an anagram for L-I-V-E.  Because every one of you has a soul, you carry the living spark of your Father and me.  Therefore, you always know when you are indulging in evil thoughts, emotions and deeds.  You are capable of ending this charade forever, in any moment.

Many of you have literally fallen in lust with evil.  When you decide to release this gluttony, for superficial and self-gratifying addictions, then you will lay them down and turn to the sunlight once again.  It is this simple.  It is up to you.  We encourage you to end your own suffering by choosing now.

For those of you who are imagining that this does not apply to you, we will be clear.  Evil is an unchecked flair of anger, evil is a nasty comment, designed to hurt or shame another, evil is a jealous plot to diminish something that belongs to another.  Evil is self-indulgence, evil is blind expectations, evil is the attitude, ”I didn’t mean to, therefore I did nothing wrong.”

Evil is pretending you don’t see evil.

The next step in your Ascension may not be completed until, with maturity and care, you look honestly into the face of evil and recognize it for what it is.

Be brave, dear and cherished children.  All of your efforts are seen, and matter.

We are here with you, in love.


Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 12, 2015

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