Inget tredje världskrig med nano-vapen: Mor Gud ingrep i tid


Mother’s Mini-Message # 11
World War III Will Never Happen

This will be short and sweet.  I have a monumental announcement to make, dear children.

Today was a historic moment in the history of Planet Earth.  World War III will not occur.  The conditions that were laid down by the secret governments of the world cannot be put into action.  I will tell you what they were, and why it will not happen.

There was a massive plan in place, which the cabal has spent years in organizing.  No, it was not to be nuclear warfare, or mass warfare of any kind you are familiar with. It consisted of a concerted global effort to cover the Earth in a multitude of parasites and nano devices that would invade the bodies of everyone alive, causing pain, heart attacks, cancer, and most forms of disease.

These insidious devices are activated by the transmission of specific frequencies that stimulate their growth or initiate specific programmed actions. The cabal has blanketed the Earth over years with aerial spraying, by dumping them into water, into processed foods and of course, GMO crops.  It was to be the most massive and sadistic false-flag event ever devised, and it has been averted.

Poisonous particles and electronically-activated microscopic devices were engineered to enter the human body through water, air, soil, food, clothing, plastics, furniture and numerous other ways.  Some of the devices were laboratory created abominations that used parts of living creatures, others were entirely manufactured technology.  All were designed to take on what you might call a life of their own, when the masters of this domain of evil pushed the button to release the frequencies that were to activate them.

I am here to assure you today that this plan has been thwarted, for good.  The first phase occurred about 2 weeks ago, when we announced that an enormous event had been averted because of the work of our Lightworkers on the ground.  At that time, the activation of the frequency weapons was prevented by the efforts in which you raised your vibration, and your Galactic brothers and sisters, in conjunction with the Company of Heaven, shut down that frequency across the planet.

One location remained where the most intense frequencies could be felt.  That was in the Temple of Light in New York, where our beloved Kathryn and Christine had already begun their mission to act as surrogates, to experience the ”hit” of the nano frequency weapons and their results so that the rest of humanity could be spared the devastation that would have occurred had it been released wholesale.  It would have created sudden havoc on Earth, pushing people to a place where they could be defeated in their Lightwork at least, and at worst, driven to terror, violence and war.

This arrangement was not by chance.  It was a contract they agreed to before coming here.  They were chosen because of their ability to remain in balance through weeks of pain and discomfort while documenting, exploring, questioning and finding solutions for the many challenges that have arisen.  In the process of working with their White Brotherhood teams, they have developed a protocol for ridding the body of these worms and parasites of all kinds which have taken up residence in their brains, hearts, intestines, eyes, ears, organs and joints.  Their intensive and carefully calibrated treatment has included nutritional, naturopathic and homeopathic remedies gleaned from around the world, and will be used as a model for others’ healing as well.

We planned for this carefully, knowing that the ones who took on this mission would need strong support, emotionally and financially, and they would require a deep and unshakable connection with Father and me so that we could guarantee their survival and help them recover from this dangerous undertaking without permanent damage.  Every step of the way, we have been awe-struck by the creativity, resilience and undaunted humor with which our beloved daughters have negotiated their way through this difficult time.

They have been under constant attack by the cabal, who are listening to their every word and following every movement.  The operatives have been astonished by our daughters’ absolute assurance that they are safe and protected, in spite of the audible high-pitched frequencies they are being bombarded with.  A few of the cabal leaders have begun to turn themselves in to the Temple of Light, after a session of ”Kathryn talk” that convinced them they too could find safety and relief if they came to us to be healed and welcomed home.  These are the incarnations, you will remember, who have spent thousands of lifetimes in conditions of torture, intense programming, surrounded by evil in every part of their lives.  They are exhausted, and they know they have been defeated.  It is time for all to come Home.

In a later message, I will tell you about the dispensations that have been granted, and the lessons learned that will change the way the Multiverse operates as we evolve together.  Our Lightworkers have appealed to us to remove all evil from the options of how your lessons will be designed from now on, and I tell you, it will be granted.  Continue to work with us, Beloved Ones, to create the new world of peace, harmony and beauty that is to be the Earth Paradise we have envisioned together.

Hear my voice, as I speak to you in your meditations and quiet moments.  I am with you always, in Love.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 14, 2015

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