Jesus jämlika spirituella medförfattare: Maria Magdalena

Tänk så annorlunda Bibelns Nya Testamente hade kunnat uppfattats, om Kejsar Konstantin hade vågat presentera Maria Magdalena som en jämlike till Jesus i den kosmiska uppgiften att höja det andliga medvetandet på Moder Jord?

Och det är just resultatet av Krisusmedvetandets utveckling under det senaste årtusendena, när det andliga uppvaknandet nu kan presenteras i form av Jesus/Sananda Självbiografi! Efter de senaste decenniernas nyandlighet och tillkomsten av Internet, kan det spirituella alltmer skiljas från kyrkan och religionerna. Jesus/Sananda kan visa sitt budskap i kanaliserad form, och därmed inkludera Hinduismens och Buddhismens budskap om reinkarnation och om flera liv efter varandra.

Hur lång tid ska det dröja innan Maria Magdalenas skrifter för Kristendomens utveckling i södra Frankrike ska offentliggöras och inkluderas i en bredare Kristendom bortom Paulismens och Katolska Kyrkans sekteristiska begränsningar?

P.S. This is the very beginning of chapter eight of the New Scriptures:


Transcribed by Kathryn E May, PsyD
August 19, 2013
I am Jesus/Sananda.
 This is going to make some people angry, others confused, still others ecstatic. The things I am saying in these New Scriptures are very different from the Scriptures that were written for the compilation which became the New Testament of the Bible.  Of course, I did not write any of those chapters personally.  Some of them were written by the people who were close to me – my disciples, as they were called, but many were written long after I left, and therefore were not my words, and sometimes were not my thoughts.  Those who have studied the Bible should be able to identify what I am referring to. Any teachings not based in Love are not mine, or God’s.
There is another problem with the Bible, however, and that is that many of the most important writings were deliberately excluded.  My beloved wife Mary Magdalene taught The True Way at my side, in harmony with the ideas I had come to offer the world.  She was the writer of the family, with my enthusiastic approval, and she documented some of the most important teachings, which we hoped would remain for posterity.  Unfortunately, they were hidden away at the time when Emperor Constantine commissioned the volume which was to become the Bible.
These writings will be found soon, and when we return to walk among you, her voice will be heard again as the brilliantly kind and loving Light she has always been. It was our hope then that her presence would be an influence for change in the cultural attitudes toward women, but it was not to be in the larger way we had hoped for.  The group of men who decided to discredit her by casting doubt on her moral character did so with clear intent: they deliberately created a story which would damage her credibility and therefore her power to reach large numbers of people with her teachings.  
Think how different the attitude toward women might have been in those countries which call themselves ”Christian” if her true identity and her personal power had been acknowledged.  She was my equal partner and collaborator. Her strength sustained me through the difficult times, as did my dear Mother Mary’s.  Together, they were the fortress of Love and understanding which softened the path I traveled during those difficult years.  I could not have done it alone.  
The emphasis on male domination and exclusivity which the Bible presents could not be further from the true story of my life and that of my closest disciples.  We were raised in the Jewish tradition of close and enduring family ties, one which valued the partnership of two parents and emphasized the precious gift which children are.  We continue to feel the same way about the sacred bond between a man and a woman and the great need which all children have for a stable and supportive home.  We do not, however, condemn anyone who is able to create an alternative version of this loving partnership.  In a family home, it is the atmosphere of Love which matters, not the individual identity, gender or age of the participating members.  
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