Dog Jesus på Korset?

Ja, enligt den bild som Katolska Kyrkan valt att publicera i Nya Testamentet.
Nej, enligt Jesus/Sanandas kanaliserade självbiografi som publicerades på nätet den 7 januari 2014!  (se vidare: JESUS/SANANDA – Kathryn E. May  We are pleased to present His Autobiography and New Scriptures:‎).

På Internet kan den vakna moderna människan i dag publicera sådan andlig/spirituell text som människor för två tusen år sedan inte var mogna för. Tekniken för att översända idéer med Internet fanns inte heller. Det är väl därför Skaparen nu själv med sin auktoritet kan säga att den 20 januari är en vändpunkt för tillkomsten av den efterlängtade Gyllene Tidsåldern. Låt det bli så!

I sin själbiografi, kanaliserad på Engelska, säger Jesus/Sananda det så här:

… ’I will not offer you detailed descriptions of the people and places I encountered in my life.  Those elements are not important, except to confirm my love for humankind, and my close attachment to my family, wife and children.  I am not the subject of the teachings God wished to bring to Earth.  I was the vessel for His/Her message of Love. The events of my life are important only as they illuminate what I stood for and what they teach others.  My message was changed when the crucifixion was invented as the centerpiece and largest focal point of my life.

The image of my body hanging on the cross is indeed a constant reminder to all that you too will be punished for believing in me and my teachings.  It is a gruesome threat, and it wipes out joy.  This indelible image alone has done more damage than all the words could possibly do to discourage exuberance, celebration and Faith.  It elicits sadness and dread, depression and hopelessness.  What comfort can one really take in the statement, ”Christ died for your sins?”  I must tell you now: I emphatically did not.
My punishment at the hands of my persecutors did not defeat me, nor did I die. Neither my life nor my death had anything to do with sin – yours or mine.  I came to Planet Earth to represent the embodiment of a good and loving family, which obviously had nothing to do with celibacy, to teach through living among others, and to lift the hearts of those who had been downtrodden and subjected to unfair political and financial practices.  The abuse of power was as rampant then as it is now, although the means of robbing the poor to give to the rich has become more effective and efficient in recent times’ …
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