Peace starts within – our own heart – as a compassion with Life at hand.

Con-science with life around you, is the Hindu/Buddhist approach to oneness with nature.

I reincarnated in a physical body on Planet Earth on 10 March, 1937, at 12.15.

In a spiritual awakening in spring 1967, I got glimpses of a benevolent world of ideas: and received a great mission with these Abrahamic words: ”You will get the ideas you need”

Then thirty years passed in my effort of developing an able Soul: of Will, Feel and Thinking in a cybernetic balance, that can link the world of ideas for the future, with my present body here-and-now.

And hear and behold, in a vision quest 1997, I got the first idea for a millennium long World Peace!  A fund raising organization: World Peace Foundation was created 2001 in Stockholm, to handle the great mission.

I decided to begin the third millennium in a somewhat smaller scale over Internet and World Wide Web. My Peace Philosophers Blog is being revitalized these last three years: see  www.peace.se/blog).

It has a ten years older Swedish sister called: Filosofens blogg: (www.peace.se/blogg)

 As a first step on my mission, I have chosen the present Civil War in Sweden, as a theme and side to fight for: 

Responsible Mothers’ Love and care of own children, and their worthy fight against Smart Social Security Administrations (SS/SA).

With two books: LVU, Profitable Municipal Kidnapping in Sweden, and: LVU, Lönsam Kommunal Människohandel, we start the debate.

 In a small family of blog coworkers, we now seek inner peace and refuge in Cyberspace!

Season’s Greetings for a Peaceful New World Order 2014!   

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