Peace in Mind and Heart, at Hand

Peace begins in the Mother’s womb. Revere the strong bonding of the umbilical cord, milk supply and patient caring love of motherhood.

Family at peace enhances social interactions, crisis and conflict resolution, all at a manageable scale. Kindergarten, primary, secondary and high schools, prepare us for University. Furthermore, Encyclopedic knowledge beyond borders now works much faster with Internet, Wikipedia and Google.

Homeschooling of parents into the latest tricks of Internet, apps, social media and the world wide web, also requires quality time from the young Starkids. SKYPE can bring grandchildren together with their far away grandparents for a chat.

Beyond the European Peace Initiative still hovers the dream of an evolving
World Peace beyond nations, religions and international corporations.
Creating a lasting peace takes time. World Peace a little longer.

The Light will come from the North, the visionary doctor Nostradamus said some 450 years ago. Love can blend the blacks and blonds beyond racial prejudice.

As a founder and President of  World Peace Foundation, and with your support,
WE can enhance the European Peace Idea together.  Yes we can!

Please feel free to donate a small or large contribution to our  WPF account at Handelsbanken/  SWIFT:HANDSESS   IBAN SE74 6000 0000 0003 0930 6698

Your contribution might decide, in fair and healthy competition, the venue of the very first: Peace, Spirituality and the Future Conference next summer.
Be it in Brussels or Stockholm?

Truly yours Ove Svidén,
Scenario writing president of World Peace Foundation.



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