Nyårsbrev 2013, till finanseliten

Dear President Barack Obama, and three sisters Rockefeller!

Pax Mare Balticum

Some four centuries ago the Swedish King Gustav II Adolf entered his reign, with the credo: Mare Balticum Dominii, i.e. dominate the countries around the Baltic Sea.

A century later King XII Karl, lost in battle, the Eastern shores of the Finish Bay, allowing Tsar Peter to build his New Russian Capital, S:t Petersburg.

The Nordic Countries now represent a peaceful corner of a war weary Europe. The latest decade has even spared our Nordic life conditions from major financial problems and worry. Our cool economic behavior may have saved us.

Thus, do let us demonstrate a Cool Pax Mare Balticum Banking Idea beyond present greed, interest rates and inflation. Do let us test an Egalitarian Banking Alternative, giving citizens and their families a guaranteed base income, from birth to its rejuvenating great sleep.

First, test it as a contemporary computer game, as an inspiring development tool, as engaging as the old Capitalist Game Monopoly!

Can all the democracies around the Baltic Sea, eventually develop and demonstrate
A Peaceful New World Order for the coming generations?

Can such a Nordic experiment even help ease the American dilemma and spur a new clever design for a balanced US Economy?

Can the above Pax Mare Balticum Idea also be included as topic for inspiration at the next Bilderberg meeting?

I most certainly do want to include it at the very core of a:
Peace, Spirituality and the Future Conference in Stockholm, 2014!

Yours sincerely, Uncle Sweden
Ove Svidén      ove@peace.se
Peace Philosophers Blog: http://www.peace.se/blog (It contains a set of ideas/scenarios and a Ph.D. thesis for an interesting LifeStyle Reform)

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