Western Bank Collapses, Cabalist Fall and Financial Revolution

Benjamin Fulford Report, January 14th, 2019

“Cabalists Fall as Revolution Continues” – Fulford Report – 1.14.19

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Supreme Court Justice, World Bank President, and another Rothschild fall as revolution continues

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Now that top-level satanic Khazarian cabalists have fallen, second-rank officials like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim, and Serena Rothschild (widow of Jacob Rothschild) are being removed as the war to liberate humanity continues.

Ginsburg “has gone missing and may be dead or still in NY hospital, missing two weeks of oral arguments at the Supreme Court, or the entire month of January, with no proof of life, setting the stage for U.S. President Donald Trump to name another Justice,” Pentagon sources say.

Jim Yong Kim, a Clinton appointee, was forced to resign as President of the World Bank because of corruption, say Dragon family sources. Investigators are focusing in particular on Haiti and Kim’s involvement with Clinton corruption related to the artificially induced 2010 Haiti earthquake, CIA sources say.

Serena Rothschild was the widow (or wife) of senior Zionist elder Baron Jacob Rothschild and mother of Nathaniel Rothschild. All we know is that she died “after a short illness.” We have reported that Jacob Rothschild is already dead, but it appears that attempts are being made to make it seem he is still alive in order to prevent his progressive-minded son Nathaniel from taking over the British branch of this still-powerful family.

In any case, with U.S. military tribunals well under way, many more prominent power brokers and financiers will be removed in the coming days and weeks, Pentagon sources say. Among those due to fall soon are IMF head Christine Lagarde, and senior KKR financiers Henry Kravis and George Roberts, the sources say. In addition, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, President Emmanuel Macron of France, Prime Minister Theresa May of the UK, and mass-murderer Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will go, Pentagon sources say.

KKR and and their employee General David “betray us” Petraeus are being charged in the ongoing U.S. military tribunals for their role in creating and arming Daesh (we don’t want to insult the Goddess by calling them ISIS), the sources say. KKR public relations had not responded to a query on this matter by the time this newsletter went public.

French military sources, for their part, say Emmanuel Macron will be removed soon by a military government that will arrest the cabalists who have stolen French democracy for the past 11 years. After that, they will restore true democracy to the Republic. Vive la France!

The move to arrest Shinzo Abe will take longer, but preliminary work has begun as French police have indicted Tsunekazu Takeda, president of Japan’s Olympic Committee, on bribery charges.


While this can be seen as French retaliation for the arrest and mistreatment of former Nissan president Carlos Ghosn, there’s more to the story. According to Japanese right-wing sources, Takeda is a member of the Japanese imperial family and was involved in Japan’s getting the 2020 Olympics as a reward for going along with the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tsunami and nuclear mass-murder attack. Abe, his cabinet, and the Iwasaki Mitsubishi clan will all be taken down as a result of their complicity with this mass murder, the sources say.

Theresa May is being removed for her role in trying to sabotage Brexit and hand over control of British intelligence to the gangster families that control the EU, according to MI6 sources. The letter below was sent by the former head of British Intelligence to MPs to warn them of May’s treason.

Furthermore, the U.S. government has made it public that it no longer recognizes the EU as being a legitimate government by downgrading its diplomatic status.


IMF head Christine Lagarde is also being targeted by the U.S. because of her ongoing push to position a cryptocurrency-type IMF Special Drawing Right (SDR) as an alternative to the U.S. dollar, CIA sources say. Instead, a Dragon family ambassador says the IMF is going to be liquidated. Lagarde previously had begged the Chinese for a chance to move the IMF to Asia and was turned down, the source noted.


The IMF has a miserable track record of forcing poor countries to impoverish their own people in order to hand resources over to corporations controlled by the Khazarian mafia.

In any case, it appears that as the dragnet closes in, bankers have started falling off buildings again.


British Intelligence say the bankers are being killed both to cover up evidence trails leading to senior people and to collect insurance money.

Speaking of evidence trails, forensic accountant Kenneth Boyd has looked into how people like Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Prince Charles, former UK Finance Minister James Sassoon, as well as various mega-corporations use offshore tax havens to avoid taxes that the rest us are forced to pay.


The dragnet is also closing in on the rogue state of Israel and their satan-worshiping and criminally indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Pentagon sources say. On that front, the big kahuna, 9/11, is being taken on. Trump’s speech on January 8th was exactly 9 minutes and 11 seconds long. This is a prelude to Trump declaring a national emergency and releasing all the 9/11 files, the sources say.

Also, an “Israel-drafted anti-BDS bill to provide $38 billion in aid and punish political speech was defeated twice in the Senate (56-44, 53-43, and it needs 60 votes) as moves are afoot to purge Congress of Israeli dual-citizens and traitors,” the Pentagon sources say. (BDS = Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.)

Furthermore, the global boycott of Israel is intensifying as “as HSBC Bank divests from Israeli arms merchant Elbit Systems, Airbnb bans West Bank listings, and Brazil may not move its embassy to Jerusalem,” the sources say.

Netanyahu’s neocon slave boy John Bolton “got his wings clipped” by Turkish President Recep Erdoğan and top U.S. General Joseph Dunford when he tried last week to stop the U.S. military withdrawal from Syria, they add.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, General James Mattis, and General John Kelly are running military tribunals with intelligence support from former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers and former Defense Intelligence Agency boss Mike Flynn, who are currently dealing with the above-mentioned KKR and Petraeus, the sources say.

With the U.S. government now shut down for the fourth consecutive week and no end in sight, the whole world can see that the days of the U.S. Corporation are numbered. Dmitry Rogozin, the head of the Russian Roscosmos State Space Corporation, cancelled his planned February visit to NASA (“not a space agency”), because the “second American civil war” is under way. Also, the fact that NASA’s money has been cut off by the shutdown was undoubtedly a factor in the cancelled visit.


The shutdown means that as more and more unpaid prison guards and air traffic controllers call in sick, and as food benefits run out for the 44 million Americans relying on them, chaos is coming to the U.S.

For the few remaining Kool-Aid drinkers out there who still believe the U.S. government shutdown is about funding an already-funded wall, we would like to remind them that the U.S. has a cumulative trade deficit of over $11 trillion, a government deficit of over $22 trillion, and unfunded liabilities of $210 trillion, versus a GDP of $19 trillion. So if you are earning $19,000 a year and have debts of $243,000, would you want to declare bankruptcy or remain an impoverished debt slave for the rest of your life?

The White Dragon Society (WDS) and its allies are offering an alternative to never-ending debt slavery. Our proposal is to immediately eliminate, as a singular event, all public and private sector debt. We would then redistribute the assets stolen from the people by fraudulent privately-owned central banks. We estimate this would mean a one-off payment of the equivalent of $400,000 to each man, woman, and child in the U.S. Furthermore, once freed from debt slavery, the American people would be able to use their farms, resources, people, factories, know-how, and superior technological skills to create an era of unprecedented prosperity.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, once the West had nationalized its central banks and removed the criminal element from the banking system, it would be possible to carry out a multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. This could be done without debt or taxes if a proper meritocratic governance structure were put into place.

The Chinese “One Belt One Road” project, 60 times bigger than the Marshall Plan, is an example of the type of project the West also needs to start. When the old-guard elite meet at their Davos lovefest on January 22nd, let’s see if they offer anything that even comes close to the WDS plan to spend trillions of dollars per year to help save the planet. If not, then it’s time to remove their control over the financial system. Humanity needs to be free to create an ideal future for our planet.


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EXTRA Special: Benjamin Fulford Full Report, January 7th

Benjamin Fulford Full Report, January 7th, 2019

“Military Tribunals Begin” – Fulford Report – 1.7.19

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid next cabalist to be executed as military tribunals begin

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

The Bundy Ranch villain and traitor, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is going to join John McCain and George Bush Sr. and be executed for treason, Pentagon sources say. Like McCain, Reid will officially die of cancer and be allowed, as condemned men are, the right to a few last words, the sources say. Reid chose to badmouth U.S. President Donald Trump.


While senior public figures like Reid are being allowed to die “naturally,” others will be executed by lethal injection, Pentagon sources say. The sources also confirm that military tribunals have already begun and that military justice is swift.

Meanwhile, the shutdown of the U.S. government, now entering its third week, is likely to lead to the declaration of martial law, the sources say. The unfolding scenario will see military intervention after unpaid prison guards and airport security walk off the job, while food stamp recipients start hunger riots. The U.S. military is fully funded for the next year, so there is no need to worry about a mutiny by unpaid soldiers, by the way.




“The Roman Curia is supposed to rule over their creations—trusts, foundations, C Corps, S Corps, LLCs, and so on. Now, to their credit, the Curia has weighed in and liquidated a great many municipal corporations involved in criminal activities. This includes the UNITED STATES, INC., which has been subjected to Chapter 7, Involuntary Bankruptcy. They are now in the process of ‘vacating’ the premises and have to shut down and leave D.C. for 90 days,” was what Judge Anna Von Reitz had to report on the situation.


Like a dream come true for many, we are also now seeing moves to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and fold the Federal Reserve Board into the U.S. Treasury Department, the sources say. Among other things, this means income taxes will be abolished and replaced with a sales tax on non-essential items, they say. Some independent confirmation of this can be found here:


The U.S. military is also preparing for financial systems negotiations with China by sending troops to Africa and Brazil in order to seize key resources and thus bargaining chips (coltan for mobile devices, soybeans, etc.), the sources say.

With these chips in hand, Trump will be meeting Chinese Vice Premier and financial expert Wang Qishan at Davos on January 22nd. Here, the Global Currency Reset will be decided, the sources say. While many details have yet to be worked out, the Chinese, the Americans, and the European royals have all agreed to set up a future planning agency with a budget far larger than the UN, the IMF, and the World Bank, according to European royal family and Asian secret society sources.

The European royal family sources add that an agreement has also been reached to nationalize all of the major central banks that currently are privately owned, including the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England.

The bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation will also mean that holders of prosperity funds, farm claims, etc. will only be paid a fraction of what they are owed, a European royal family source says.

The other thing worth noting is that the Trump/Wang meeting will take place immediately after the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” that occurs on January 20th and 21st. As we have noted before, the secret rulers of the earth use planetary movements to time major moves. Native Americans call the full moon in January the Wolf Moon because that is when hungry wolves would approach human settlements. The fact that it is also a lunar eclipse, or a blood moon and a supermoon, is a sign that some sort of big moves are planned.


Chinese Freemasons have long been saying that limited warfare may be needed before a final settlement can be reached. Perhaps that is why all U.S. carrier groups, obsolete and vulnerable as they are, are staying in their home ports. In this context it is also interesting to note the increased sabre-rattling over Taiwan recently.

It is also possible that there will be a purge of high-level officials who are blocking the Global Currency Reset (GCR). People like President Emmanuel Macron of France, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel come to mind as possibilities. Macron is under siege by patriotic yellow vest protesters who are calling for revolution and the nationalization of the Bank of France. Abe is under attack for selling Japan’s water resources to criminal corporations. Netanyahu is facing indictment for multiple crimes.

Also, the collapse of the U.S. dollar, Chinese yuan, British pound, and Australian dollar and a sudden rise in the price of gold and the Japanese yen on January 2nd, followed by a counterattack on the next day, gives us a hint of the secret players behind the GCR. Basically, the Asian royal families who control most of the world’s gold made a move against the oil people, who then fought back the following day. The fact that the NASDAQ index closed at the satanic price of 6,666 dollars ($6,665.94) on that day was obviously no coincidence.

In any case, the West will continue purging itself of its criminal overlords in preparation for the planetary reset. On this front, we are seeing a big document dump of 9/11 secrets, ostensibly by the “Dark Overlord” hackers group but probably by the NSA. Pentagon sources say the documents are being released this way to give Trump “plausible deniability.”


“Like a frog being boiled slowly, Trump plays the long game to appease Israel on Syria and by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem until the Zionists are terminated with 9/11 revelations,” is how one Pentagon source described the situation.

A big related move was the sudden and very unusual resignation last week of Sultan Muhammad V, the King of Malaysia.


CIA sources in Asia say the resignation was due to his involvement in the Malaysian 1MDB embezzlement scandal that involves Goldman Sachs, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, and many others. This scandal is not only about stealing Malaysian government funds, but is also connected to the Malaysian Air 370/17 hijacking, mass murder of passengers, and nuclear blackmail of 58 world leaders in Holland during March of 2014.

There will also be revelations about Fukushima. Senior British Intelligence sources say UK efforts to carry out trials related to the March 11th, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder attack were stopped by “Jesuit agents.” One source, who says he was poisoned by the Jesuits and nearly died as a result, claims that “British and Irish Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May, acting in joint criminal enterprise with Enda Kenny and Leo Varadkar, have been instrumental in this affair.” George W. Bush was deeply involved in that attack, along with former top Jesuit Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the sources added. Then U.S. President Barack Obama was not involved, they said.

In addition to 9/11, 3/11, and Malaysian Air 370/17, the world’s public may also start to hear soon about human sacrifice and other horrors carried out by the world’s elite. For example, here is a cryptic answer given to us by a European royal when asked about human sacrifice:

“The activities of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult around the world are a source of very immense shame. Again, I am of the view it is a Khazarian mafia human compromise network to be stored away in a box and pulled out at the last minute when needed. In any and all cults, all are victims. This is extremely serious stuff and needs to be handled by highly trained forensic teams. It is a very dark chapter in the history of humanity.”

Once the psychopathic rulers of the West are finally overthrown and forced to face their crimes, humanity will definitely enter a golden age. For example, it was just announced that “photosynthesis has been hacked” to allow for a 40% increase in agricultural production without the need to destroy more virgin nature to make way for farms.


In this context, we have also been asked to forward the following warning to President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil: “If you destroy even one square meter of the Amazon to replace it with soybean farms to feed Chinese pigs, you and every member of your cabinet will be hunted down and killed.” If Bolsonaro is smart, he can figure out that virgin nature can coexist with high population density and prosperity.

Once the new financial system is up and going, the U.S. military will be redeployed as a planetary protection force, and one of their top jobs will be to protect the remaining natural life on this planet. They will, of course, also always be there to protect the weak and the poor from bullies and exploitation.

Finally, to quote from Star Trek, they will be allowed “To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.”


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Fulford Report – Complete, December 31st, 2018

“2019 will See Final Victory” – Fulford Report – 12.31.18

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

If we all push, 2019 will see final victory against the Khazarian mafia

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Many signs indicate that 2019 will be a breakthrough year in the battle against the satan-worshiping Khazarian mafia. Not only have mass arrests begun, but the mass-murdering part of the pharmacidical/medical establishment is finally being taken out as well. Another obvious sign it is no longer business as usual comes from the fact that the U.S. military is being withdrawn from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. And this time the U.S. government shutdown may actually result in formal bankruptcy procedures against the illegal corporate government that has occupied Washington, D.C. since 1871.

Let’s start with the U.S. military withdrawals, since they mark one of the biggest changes seen since the end of World War II when the perpetual war economy of the U.S. military-industrial complex began. Pentagon sources say U.S. President Donald Trump’s Christmas Day visit to Iraq portends a pull-out from that country. This follows withdrawal announcements from Afghanistan and Syria, as well as a ceasefire in Yemen. We also note that almost all of the U.S. carrier groups are now at rest in their home ports.

Even more dramatically, the sources say, “Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan’s mission will be [to bring out in public view the] space force, bring troops home, release extraterrestrial and suppressed technology, close overseas bases, beat swords into plowshares and cut waste, while building a more lethal military.” This means peace on earth and goodwill to all in a very real sense this holiday season.

The Pentagon sources also say the long U.S. government shutdown “makes it easy to arrest Deep-Staters embedded in the government.” Furthermore, the first senior official to be publicly tried in “Nuremburg 2.0 will be [former CIA Director] John Brennan,” the Pentagon sources say.

There is also a lot of speculation about the Bush/Clinton crime family and their house-slave Barack Obama, since all of them have apparently vanished from public view since the U.S. government shutdown started. We all want to see them face a public trial for their many crimes against humanity. This is about mass murder in Haiti, Japan, and elsewhere, and not just about selling U.S. uranium resources to Russia in exchange for bribes. Hopefully this will be on all the world’s TV screens and monitors sometime early in the New Year.

The other thing we need to see is a final takedown of the European Union, which is structured exactly like the Soviet Union was, with only a rubber-stamp parliament and secret votes for a single candidate for top positions.

On this front, Pentagon sources say lame-duck German Chancellor Angela Merkel is being forced to withdraw German troops from Afghanistan, while her besieged French slave President Emmanuel Macron is being forced to pull French troops out of Syria. This will remove their remaining control of oil and heroin money and hasten the downfall of their criminal regimes, CIA sources say.

There were also further signs at last that big changes will take place after the month of May. As we noted last week, Japan will have a new emperor in May, and the resigned Prime Minister of Belgium was asked by the King to stay on until May. Now it turns out Israel will have a new government in May as well. The resignation of the Israeli government last week means the satanic mass-murderer Benjamin Netanyahu will finally face long-awaited justice.


Senior British intelligence agents and British royal family members say these events are happening because world intelligence agencies have been secretly making preparations to take down the corporate world government for the past several years. They used as their main reference a study by the Zurich Technical Institute that uncovered “the GNCC, or Global Network of Corporate Control.”



“The superstructure of this arrangement is the triumvirate of the Corporations of the District of Columbia, the City of London, and the Holy See. Little wonder why I often heard matters discussed in the streets, elite bars, and restaurants of London—diplomacy and the required discretion is difficult to find among those motivated by personal and corporate greed—it gets the better of them, or ‘the devil is in the details,’” a British royal family source noted.

The plan of action to take this triumvirate down was worked out by the National War College of the United States, the sources say. “Liquefaction is the most effective method of leveling any superstructure such as set out above,” the royal source said. This is what led to the decision to temporarily shut down the U.S. government, he added.

This source also said it was the European and Asian royal families who decided to remove the Rothschilds and other banking dynasties from control of the financial system. “The Sovereign Heads of State will all need to be extremely fit and able for this, and it is partly why the abdication happened in Japan,” he said. This was also why the Queen of The Netherlands, the King of Spain, the King of Belgium, “Pope Maledict,” the Emir of Qatar, and other top lifetime rulers abdicated, CIA sources elaborated.

According to the royal family member, “The new global government—that is to say, the alliance of all Sovereign Heads of State—will have to be far brighter and stronger than any of the world’s corporations. They will also have to be massively protected and immune from any influence—all of the diplomatic courts will need to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb—a total forensic clean-out.” Of course, this does not mean the healthy and functioning parts of the world banking system will be destroyed, the sources all agree.

The satanic oligarchs are also doomed because they made a fundamental mistake when they decided to carry out their plan to kill 90% of the world’s population, whom they called “useless eaters.” That’s because the very people they hired for their personal protection realized their own families were about to be murdered. This is why the hired-gun Blackwater associates recently put out an advertisement warning that “We are coming,” according to a Blackwater associate.


As a result, the move by sovereign governments and the people they represent to reassert control over corporations is becoming visible to all. For example, the government of California has decided to prosecute the Rothschild-controlled company Pacific Gas & Energy for murder over the recent California fires.


Also, the entire fabricated “Russia stole the elections” hysteria in the U.S. is being exposed for the scam it is, with criminal prosecution against people who used the Russia scam to steal the recent senatorial election in Alabama.


The Vatican, for its part, long a lone fighter against misuse of vaccines for involuntary birth control, spreading cancer, and other nefarious purposes, has convinced the Italian government to replace its entire vaccine board after it was shown that none of the vaccines being administered had the beneficial antigens they were advertised as containing.


Also, the global meat industry is finally being publicly attacked for spreading cancer by means of poisoning meat products with nitrites.


Finally, we would like to end this final report of 2018 with a few signs of hope coming from the natural world. Here, we are seeing once critically endangered animals making a comeback. Last year, for example, beavers returned to Italy and Scotland for the first time in 500 and 300 years, respectively. In Japan, meanwhile, the crested ibis is no longer extinct in the wild.


For more hope, take a look at this list of 25 species that have bounced back from the brink, ranging from bald eagles to pandas.


The fascists (remember, fascism basically means rule by corporations) need to realize that it would be much more profitable to turn the “useless eaters” into useful eaters than to kill them. They also need to understand that high population density is compatible with virgin nature, as long as there is good government. This can be seen in places like Japan and Cuba.

So Happy New Year, everybody. Let’s all work together to make 2019 one of the best years in all of history, human or otherwise.


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Changes in politics will bring you a new peaceful order

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 4 January 2019

We can see the full potential that beckons but not the exact time certain events will take place. However, you are at last almost certain to soon see a number of predictions fulfilled, including the changes in politics that will bring you a new order and the curtailment of the power of the Illuminati to dictate your future. Instead a new order should be established that will speed up your advancement into the New Age and the benefits that come with it. As people realise that what is happening will be to their benefit, it will commence to bring the countries together in peace and they will start cooperating with each other. The times of conflict are ending and will be helped by those who will take up positions of authority, and have the power to lead people in the right direction to achieve their aims.

Sooner rather than later your monetary systems will be addressed as they have long been the source of inequality, and have kept those who have struggled to exist in such a permanent state. The wealth of the world is more than ample to ensure that all have a satisfactory standard of living, and only kept back by those who have taken such wealth to line their own pockets. The dark Ones are undoubtedly the main culprits, who have stolen funds for their advancement and world control. It will take time to bring matters back into balance again, but no longer will negative forces be able hold the rest of the world captive to their greed, and ambitions for world power.

Where major decisions are concerned and where your future has already been determined nothing will be able to change that which has been decreed. Your future entitlement will place you firmly on the path to world peace, and it will fully descend when you are uplifted into the new vibrations through the “Event”. It cannot be otherwise so try to keep apart from happenings associated with the dark Ones, as even in their dying moments they will try everything to hold you back. Realise that your safety and progress is assured providing you keep up your higher vibrations, and nothing can then interfere with your destiny to ascend. There will come a time when you will know beyond doubt that you are well onto that path, when events in your life start to become synchronised and it could be summed up as “living in the moment”.

Taking things as they come to you is possibly a new perception, as in normal situations humans like to plan well ahead, and even feel lost seemingly without control of their life. Understand that there are many souls and energies accompanying you all through your life, and intent on helping and directing you in such a way that you progress in accordance with your life plan. With each incarnation the focus is on your continuing evolvement and therefore planned to ensure that you get the opportunities that you need. Life may at times seem to be a series of unconnected events but if you could see how you progressed through earlier lives you would find the connection.

Little is left to chance and always remember that you came into life with a life-plan that you had already agreed to accept. You will no doubt realise that it is best that you are unaware in advance of the challenges that await you, yet in some lifetimes you become aware of your destiny at a very early stage and already know what you wish to do with your life, and apply yourself to it with complete dedication. Either way you are led along a path that gives you the opportunities that you need to fulfil your agreed life plan, but you still have the gift of free choice. However you will almost certainly follow it as you will know intuitively what is right for you.

Your Earth continues on its path into an area of space where the vibrations are becoming faster. It is to your advantage and part of a long held plan to quickly advance you into the higher vibrations. The changes will be noticeable on an individual basis and the more you progress, the easier it will be to disregard what is going on around you. It partly comes from understanding the time that you are in and the way to ensure satisfactory progress. It is staying centred and keeping a focus on your goal at all times. The time has long arrived when you should be giving more of your attention to your own needs, and understand that every soul has had an equal opportunity to rise up. Many have been unable to do so having ill prepared themselves for what is coming.

Even at your lowest points of experience you are still helped, and often more help and guidance is given in an attempt to help you onto a path that will lead to your enlightenment. It is not a question of intelligence, but the inner response to understanding that you need to firmly place your feet onto your spiritual path if you are to raise your vibrations. Some might ask how they would know if they were progressing, and the answer is through a greater peace of mind and a distinct feeling of purpose in your life. So many souls feel lost and without direction and wonder what the purpose of their life is, and know that first and foremost it is to clear karmic responsibilities. It is to give you more time for uplifting activities that will bring more Light and understanding into your life.

Souls are drawn together through their love for each other and that bond will remain and likely to see them spending many lifetimes together. Often these are in different roles to those they have previously experienced, but will always further their spiritual progress along their chosen paths. It is quite likely that your group of souls have lived through a number of incarnations that have given you quite different experiences. So when members of your spiritual family move on, celebrate their achievements knowing that you will meet again. Death of the human body is not the death of the soul because it is immortal due to the God Self within. So much sadness and grief would be unnecessary if only you understood and accepted the truth. Those who have already departed wait to greet you with joy and love and celebrate your homecoming.

Dear Ones, the times have arrived when the truth will stand out and false and misunderstood facts or teachings will be swept aside. So many souls have reached a level of understanding meaning that they are ready to learn greater truths and they shall be given, and they will become more enlightened than any previous period. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion.

This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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BRI, Belt and Road Initiative Forum Address 2017 in Beijing

China Focus: Xi’s speech injects new impetus into Belt and Road Initiative

Source: Xinhua| 2017-05-14 22:23:02|Editor: Yamei

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation in Beijing, capital of China, May 14, 2017. (Xinhua/Wang Ye)

BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed Sunday to give a fresh impetus to the Belt and Road Initiative, unveiling specific measures to carry forward the inspiring initiative that he called “the project of the century.”

“A solid first step has been taken in pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative. We should build on the sound momentum generated to steer the initiative toward greater success,” Xi said at the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Proposed by Xi in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative, which builds upon the spirit of ancient routes, is a transnational network mainly connecting Asia with Europe and Africa, with the aim of promoting common development among all countries involved.


China’s decision to scale up financial support for the Belt and Road, after billions of U.S. dollars of investment over the past three years, underscored the country’s resolution to push forward the initiative.

Xi announced an additional 100 billion yuan (about 14.5 billion U.S. dollars) for the Silk Road Fund, set up in 2014 to finance the initiative, and new lending schemes worth 380 billion yuan equivalent.

In addition, China will encourage its financial institutions to conduct overseas yuan fund businesses with an estimated amount of about 300 billion yuan.

Xi said China will work with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the BRICS New Development Bank, the World Bank and other multilateral institutions to support Belt and Road projects.

Speaking of the initiative, Robert Kuhn, a U.S. expert on China, said, “What the Belt and Road does is not foreign aid, that is good but unsustainable. Starting with the Silk Road Fund, the initiative enables the host countries to develop their own economies.”


As the world’s largest developing country that has lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty over the past three decades, China is willing to share its experience and resources with the less developed countries.

China’s economic ascent proves that infrastructure development is an effective way to boost growth, and China is the only country with the will, capability and experience to help, said Zhai Kun of Peking University.

China aims to work with other countries to build the Belt and Road into an open platform of cooperation and a solution for challenges, including a lack of new growth drivers, development imbalance and terrorism.

“What we hope to create is a big family of harmonious co-existence,” Xi said, adding that pursuit of the Belt and Road will not resort to outdated geopolitical maneuvering.

To ease concerns, Xi said China has no intention of interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, exporting its social system and model of development, or imposing its will on others.

Xi said the Belt and Road will be open to all. All countries, from either Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas, can be partners of the initiative.

So far, the initiative has won support from more than 100 countries and international organizations, of which over 40 have signed cooperation agreements with China.


More than three years since being proposed, the initiative has gone beyond vision and become a reality, delivering tangible benefits to countries along the routes.

From Mongolia to Malaysia, Thailand to Pakistan and Laos to Uzbekistan, many projects, including high-speed railways, bridges, ports, industrial parks, oil pipelines and power grids, are being built.

Since 2013, Chinese businesses have invested more than 60 billion U.S. dollars in countries along the Belt and Road. The investment totaled 14.5 billion dollars in 2016 alone, accounting for 8.5 percent of total overseas investment made by Chinese enterprises.

Xi’s Sunday speech also said China will expand China-Europe railway cargo services and establish new mechanisms, including a liaison office for the forum’s follow-up activities and a research center.

With coordinated and sustained collaboration among all parties concerned, the forum will mark the start of the Belt and Road 2.0, said Jose Vinals, chairman of Standard Chartered PLC.

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Nuclear weapons and stabilization of the U.S.-Russian nuclear relationship

Death of the INF Treaty

The death of the INF treaty is but a last piece in the story of how the half-century effort to control nuclear weapons and stabilize the U.S.-Russian nuclear relationship perished. When the INF treaty disappears, as key members of the Trump Administration are keen to see, the way that it ends will almost certainly spell the end to U.S.-Russian strategic arms control. 

From the start of the original SALT negotiations in 1969 to our day, in a halting and often tortuous process, the two countries first agreed to puts limits on the number of ballistic missile launchers possessed by each and to call off an offense-defense race by limiting anti-ballistic missile defense systems. In subsequent SALT and START agreements they gradually reduced launchers and warheads (in the latter case from nearly 70,000 in 1986 to fewer than 14,000 today), and in 1987 in the INF treaty they eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons. During the Soviet Union’s last months, by reciprocal executive agreements, they pledged to reduce substantially and in some cases to eliminate entirely tactical or “battlefield” nuclear weapons. At the same time, under the U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (CTR), the two countries linked efforts to secure and dismantle weapons of mass destruction throughout the territories of the former Soviet Union.

In what turned out to be the last step forward, the New START agreement, signed in 2010, reduced each side’s deployed nuclear warheads to 1550 and deployed and non-deployed launchers to 800. There would henceforth be no further arms control agreements nor even any negotiations over what might come next. 

In the interim, however, the two sides gradually pulled bricks from the edifice that they had painfully constructed over decades. In 2002 the United States withdrew from the ABM agreement, which after a long delay, has in the new U.S.-Russian Cold War again brought the two sides to the brink of a nuclear offense-defense race. That same year Russia withdrew from the recently signed START II agreement that banned multiple-independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) on ICBMs, thereby, axing a measure intended to reinforce the principle of mutual assured destruction (MAD), the foundation for the U.S.-Russian concept of strategic stability. In 2005, the Russian side made plain that it had no interest in further limiting tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, unless the United States withdrew all of its (200) B-61 bombs, and subsequently refused to return to the subject. In 2012 Russia announced that it was pulling the plug on the CTR program, and the anemic effort to find an alternative faltered amidst tensions over the Ukrainian crisis. 

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Washington’s control of global dollars for trade and wars

Washington’s Silent Weapon for Not-so-quiet Wars. “A World Full of Dollars”, A 2019 Global Economic Crisis

F. William Engdahl    First published on November 1, 2018

Today by far the deadliest weapon of mass destruction in Washington’s arsenal lies not with the Pentagon or its traditional killing machines. It’s de facto a silent weapon: the ability of Washington to control the global supply of money, of dollars, through actions of the privately-owned Federal Reserve in coordination with the US Treasury and select Wall Street financial groups. Developed over a period of decades since the decoupling of the dollar from gold by Nixon in August, 1971, today control of the dollar is a financial weapon that few if any rival nations are prepared to withstand, at least not yet.

Ten years ago, in September, 2008, US Treasury Secretary, former Wall Street banker Henry Paulson, deliberately pulled the plug on the global dollar system by allowing the mid-sized Wall Street investment bank, Lehman Bros go under. At that point, with aid of the infinite money-creating resources of the Fed known as Quantitative Easing, the half-dozen top banks of Wall Street, including Paulson’s own Goldman Sachs, were rescued from a debacle their exotic securitized finance created. The Fed also acted to give unprecedented hundreds of billions of US dollar credit lines to EU central banks to avert a dollar shortage that would clearly have brought the entire global financial architecture crashing down. At the time six Eurozone banks had dollar liabilities in excess of 100% of their country GDP.

A World Full of Dollars

Since that time a decade ago, the supply of cheap dollars to the global financial system has risen to unprecedented levels. The Institute for International Finance in Washington estimates the debt of households, governments, corporations and the financial sector in the 30 largest emerging markets rose to 211% of gross domestic product at the start of this year. It was 143% at the end of 2008.

Further data from the Washington IIF indicate the scale of a debt trap that is only in early stages of detonating across the less-advanced economies from Latin America to Turkey to Asia. Excluding China, emerging market total debt, in all currencies including domestic, has nearly doubled from 15 trillion dollars in 2007 to 27 trillion dollars at end of 2017. China debt in the same time went from 6 trillion dollars to 36 trillion dollars according to IIF. For the group of Emerging Market countries, their debts denominated in US dollars has grown to some 6.4 trillion dollars from 2.8 trillion dollars in 2007. Turkish companies now owe almost 300 billion dollars in foreign-denominated debt, over half its GDP, most in dollars. Emerging markets preferred the dollar for many reasons.

As long as those emerging economies were growing, earning export dollars at a rising rate, the debt was manageable. Now all that’s beginning to change. The agent of that change is the world’s most political central bank, the US Federal Reserve, whose new chairman, Jerome Powell, is a former partner of the spooky Carlyle Group. Arguing that the domestic US economy is strong enough that they can return US dollar interest rates to “normal,” the Fed has begun a titanic shift in dollar liquidity to the world economy. Powell and the Fed know very well what they are doing. They are ratcheting up the dollar screws to precipitate a major new economic crisis across the emerging world, most especially from key Eurasian economies such as Iran, Turkey, Russia and China.

Despite all efforts of Russia, China, Iran and other countries to shift away from US dollar dependence for international trade and finance, the dollar remains still unchallenged as world central bank reserve currency, some 63% of all BIS central bank reserves. Moreover almost 88% of daily foreign currency trades are in US dollars. Most all oil trade, gold and commodity trades are denominated in dollars. Since the Greek crisis in 2011 the Euro has not been a serious rival for reserve currency hegemony. Its share in reserves are about 20% today.

Since the 2008 financial crisis the dollar and the importance of the Fed have expanded to unprecedented levels. This is only now beginning to be appreciated as the world begins to feel for the first time since 2008 real dollar shortages, meaning a much higher cost to borrow more dollars to refinance old dollar debt. The peak for total emerging market dollar debt falling due comes in 2019, with more than 1.3 trillion dollars maturing.

Here comes the trap. The Fed is not only hinting it will raise US Fed funds rates more aggressively later this year into next. It is also reducing the amount of US Treasury debt it bought after the 2008 crisis, so-called QT or Quantitative Tightening.

From QE to QT…

After 2008 the Fed began what was called Quantitative Easing. The Fedbought a staggering sum of bonds from the banks up to a peak of 4.5 trillion dollars from only 900 billion dollars at the start of the crisis. Now the Fed announces it plans to reduce that by at least one third in coming months.

The result of QE was that the major banks behind the 2008 financial crisis were flooded with liquidity from the Fed and interest rates plunged to zero. That bank liquidity was in turn invested in any part of the world offering higher returns as US bonds paid near zero interest. It went into junk bonds in the shale oil sector, into a new US housing mini boom. Most markedly the liquid dollars went into higher-risk emerging markets like Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, India. Dollars flooded into China where the economy was booming. And the dollars poured into Russia before US sanctions earlier this year began to put a chill on foreign investors.

Now the Fed has begun QT – Quantitative Tightening – the reverse of QE. Late 2017 the Fed slowly began to shrink its bond holdings which reduces dollar liquidity in the banking system. In late 2014 the Fed already stopped buying new bonds from the market. The reduction of the bond holdings of the Fed in turn pushed interest rates higher. Until this summer, it was all “gently, gently.” Then the US President launched a global targeted trade war offensive, creating huge uncertainty in China, Latin America, Turkey and beyond, and new economic sanctions on Russia and Iran.

Today the Fed is allowing 40 billion dollars of its Treasury and corporate bonds mature without replacing them, rising to 50 billion dollars monthly later this year. That takes those dollars out of the banking system. In addition, to aggravate what is quickly becoming a full-blown dollar shortage, the Trump tax cut law is adding hundreds of billions to the deficit that the US Treasury will have to finance by issuing new bond debt. As the supply of US Treasury debt rises, the Treasury will be forced to pay higher interest to sell those bonds. Higher US interest rates already are acting as a magnet to suck dollars back into the US from around the world.

Adding to the global tightening, under pressure from the dominance of the Fed and the dollar, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank have been forced to announce they would no longer buy bonds in their respective QE actions. Since March, the world has de facto been in the new era of QT.

From here it looks to get dramatic unless the Federal Reserve does an about face and resumes with a new QE liquidity operation to avoid a global systemic crisis. At this juncture that looks unlikely. Today the world central banks more than even before 2008, dance to the tune played by the Federal Reserve. As Henry Kissinger allegedly stated in the 1970’s “If you control the money, you control the world.”

A 2019 New Global Crisis?

While so far the impact of dollar contraction has been gradual, it’s about to get dramatic. The combined G-3 central banks’ balance sheet increased by a mere 76 billion dollars in the first half of 2018, compared with a 703 billion dollars rise in the prior six months – almost half a trillion of dollars gone from the global lending pool. Bloomberg estimates that net asset purchases by the three main central banks will fall to zero by the end of this year, from close to 100 billion dollars a month at the end of 2017. Annually that translates into an equivalent 1.2 trillion dollars less of dollar liquidity in 2019 in the world.

The Turkish Lira has dropped by half since early this year in relation to the US dollar. That means Turkish large construction companies and others who were able to borrow “cheap” dollars, now must find double the sum of US dollars to service those debts.The debt is not state Turkish debt for the most part but private corporate borrowing. Turkish companies owe an estimated 300 billion dollars in foreign currency debt, most dollars, almost half the entire GDP of the country. That dollar liquidity has kept the Turkish economy growing since the 2008 US financial crisis. Not only the Turkish economy…Asian countries from Pakistan to South Korea, minus China, have borrowed an estimated 2.1 trillion dollars.

As long as the dollar depreciated against those currencies and the Fed kept interest rates low – as from 2008 – 2015, there was little problem. Now that’s all changing and dramatically so. The dollar is rising strongly against all other currencies, 7% this year. Combined with this, Washington is deliberately initiating trade wars, political provocations, unilateral breaking of the Iran treaty, new sanctions on Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and unprecedented provocations against China.  Trump’s trade wars, ironically, have led to a “flight to safety” out of emerging countries like Turkey or China to the US markets, most notably the stock market.

The Fed is weaponizing the US dollar and the preconditions are in many ways similar to that during the 1997 Asia crisis. Then all it needed was a concerted US hedge fund attack on the weakest Asian Tier economy, the Thai Baht to trigger collapse across most of South Asia to South Korea and even Hong Kong. Today the trigger is Trump and his bellicose tweets against Erdogan.

The US Trump trade wars, political sanctions and new tax laws, in the context of the clear Fed strategy of dollar tightening, provide the backdrop to wage a dollar war against key political opponents globally without ever having to declare war.  All it took was a series of trade provocations against the huge China economy, political provocations against the Turkish government, new groundless sanctions against Russia, and banks from Paris to Milan to Frankfurt to New York and anyone else with dollar loans to higher risk emerging markets began the rush for the exit. The Lira collapses as a result of near panic selling, or the Irancurrency crisis, the fall of the Russian ruble. All reflects the beginning, as likely does the decline in the China Renminbi, of a global dollar shortage.

If Washington succeeds on November 4 in cutting all Iran oil exports, world (dollar) oil prices could soar above 100 dollars, adding dramatically to the developing world dollar shortage. This is war by other means. The Fed dollar strategy is acting now as a “silent weapon” for not so quiet wars. If it continues it could deal a serious setback to the growing independence of Eurasian countries around the China New Silk Road and the Russia-China-Iran alternative to the dollar system. The role of the dollar as lead global reserve currency and the ability of the Federal Reserve to control it, is a weapon of massive destruction and a strategic pillar of American superpower control. Are the nations of Eurasia or even the ECB ready to deal effectively?


F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook” where this article was originally published. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from the author.

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-Michael Parenti, author of God and His Demons and Contrary Notions

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Siberian natural gas will reach Western Europe through Nordstreams 1 & 2

Valdai Club

The United States Steps Up Its Interference in Europe’s Energy Policy

Thirty-seven years ago, on December 21, 1981, then US President Ronald Reagan, in a National Security Council meeting, asked his Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, whether these European “chicken littles” would remain chicken littles if the US moved forward and asked them to follow. The discussion was on Washington’s introduction of an embargo on the supply of equipment for building the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline from West Siberian gas deposits in the Soviet Union to Germany and France. The situation was provocative because several major European companies had concluded contracts for the supply of gas pumping equipment. In other words, they were discussing the imposition of direct sanctions against German, French and British industrial giants to discourage the construction of a new gas pipeline.

Now, almost 40 years later, we are seeing history repeat itself. By crudely interfering in European affairs the United States is trying to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 project. On December 12, the House of Representatives of US Congress unanimously adopted a resolution of opposition to the completion of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project. The House described the project to distribute Russian gas to the European market as “a drastic step backwards for European energy security and US interests,” and called on European governments to reject it. The resolution urged US President Donald Trump to “use any available means to support European energy security through a policy of diversification to lessen reliance” on Russia. Finally, it supported the imposition of sanctions with respect to Nord Stream 2 under section 232 of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.”

In reality, this is basically another attempt to show those “chicken littles,” to use Reagan’s term, their place in Pax Americana. Probably, right at this moment, Trump is asking Mike Pompeo, in the same manner, if the Europeans will tolerate the introduction of sanctions against their major energy companies, pipe manufacturers, pipeline contractors, turbine suppliers, etc., in the US’s interest. The Europeans have generally tolerated verbal or megaphone interference, to use the current term, in their domestic affairs, at least in public, with straight faces. German government officials, against whom all American efforts to thwart the Baltic gas main are directed, continue to repeat that they will not give up on Nord Stream 2. This is a commercial project, and its implementation should clear up Ukraine’s role in gas transit.

Suzerain-Vassals Relations: How Trump Shapes His European Policy
Last week, Donald Trump demonstrated the stark contrast between the way he talks with Vladimir Putin who, albeit an opponent, is still the head of a great power, and the way he talks with European leaders, seen as vassals. At a meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker on July 25, the US president called a spade a spade once again and sent Europe a clear message that the western alliance is not a union of equals anymore. No matter how the trade war ends for Europe, the rules of the game have changed, said Andrei Korobkov, Professor of political science at the Middle Tennessee State University, in an interview with valdaiclub.com.


© 2018 Evan Vucci/AP
Obviously, sanctions would put Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands in a dilemma – should they submit or should they defend their interests, their companies and their energy security. Russia meets about 35 percent of Europe’s needs in natural gas. Distribution was only ever a problem in terms of transit. Russia’s share has grown substantially since Ukraine’s transit failure in 2009. In 2010, Russian gas supplies met merely 23 percent of EU’s needs. Many events have happened since then, up to the imposition of reciprocal sectoral sanctions. Russia-EU relations can hardly be called friendly, but there have never been any problems with Russian gas supplies. Also, neither the Kremlin nor Gazprom have ever exerted any pressure on the EU. To the contrary, at the end of last winter, when it was very cold in Europe, gas supplies in the underground gas storage facilities were depleted and China was buying up any LNG surplus, it was Russia that provided the EU with additional gas.
Everyone understands that the US is obviously trying to undermine the reliability of gas shipments not because it cares about the energy security of Germany or Poland but because the Americans want to strengthen their influence in Europe and increase the competitiveness of their own LNG. In this context, the Europeans can only expect soaring energy prices, which are already high. Thus, Washington wants to enhance the competitiveness of its own products at the expense of the EU.

What was especially amusing in this context is that on the very next day after the US House of Representatives adopted its resolution, the European Parliament also made a statement against Nord Stream 2. It wasn’t a separate document but just an item in the resolution on implementing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. It sounded like the EU deputies’ statement was mimicking the US resolution, like maybe they could just call for the introduction of sanctions against their own businesses. Although Alexander Haig warned Reagan against taking abrupt steps against their European allies, the US President still introduced an embargo on New Year’s eve, provoking one of the worst crises in the history of the Transatlantic alliance. The leaders of Germany, France and Britain refused to comply. The Americans tried to punish them by freezing their own supplies of components and by imposing fines for violating licensing agreements. These sanctions were short lived. It became clear that they would not work and would only sow discord between the US and Western Europe. The Soviet Union was building the gas pipeline at a record pace and put it into operation on schedule. Ironically, now the US is allegedly defending this gas pipeline in Ukraine against Nord Stream 2. Reagan had to lift the sanctions unilaterally in the autumn of 1982 because, as it turned out, the Europeans were not “chicken littles.

Views expressed are of individual Members and Contributors, rather than the Club’s, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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Ascension & Love: Enormous changes occur all over the planet

Sananda via John Smallman, December 21st, 2018

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday December 21stChristmas day, my birthday, is approaching rapidly, so


Enormous changes are occurring all across the planet as the moment of your awakening approaches.  And that is reason for celebration.  Yes, there are many who are in pain, and many who are suffering, and a very effective way to assist and support them is to set the intention to send them love and healing.  For many of you that is the most effective thing you can do because you are not physically in their presence.  If you are in a position where you can be physically present for someone who is in pain and is suffering, and your intuitive guidance is to attend to them, then do so, even if you fear doing this.  Fear is of the ego, so tell it that you understand its concern and that you know that this is what you need and intend to do, and the fear will greatly decrease in intensity, or fall away altogether.

This is the season of giving, and while many of you will obviously engage in material gift-giving – and that is good – to give of yourselves, your presence, by communing with friends, family, and loved ones is the most important and perfect gift that you can possibly offer to anyone.  And, because intimate family relationships can be very stressful, set the intent very firmly to engage only lovingly, along with the intent to acknowledge any anger that arises without projecting it outwards.  If anger arises in the presence of others, then discretely, and as soon as possible, remove yourself to the bathroom or other suitable place where you can be alone for a few minutes to take a “time-out.”

There is no one who has not reacted angrily when their buttons were pushed, and who has not later had plenty of time to suffer the intense pain of enormous regret.  So, before visiting with people who you love and who can cause you stress or anger, take at least ten minutes in quiet meditation with the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  You will find this is an enormously effective way to ensure that when you arrive at their home, or greet them when they arrive at yours, that your warm greetings arethen completely heartfelt, and because they will feel the peace of your welcoming presence it will dissolve any stress or anxiety that they may be feeling.

If someone “misbehaves” over the holidays, cut them some slack, because it is at times like this that most people’s insecurities or lack of self-worth arise most powerfully and are likely to drive them, from shame or fear, into saying or doing something offensive.  Remember you are LOVE!  And Love accepts without judgment, offering comfort, compassion, and heartfelt support.  If you have had experiences of very painful get togethers and are concerned that one of your get togethers this Christmas season could deteriorate into a painful blame game, then it is absolutely essential that you prepare yourselves in advance by taking that ten minute “time-out.”  You will find it very helpful, and it will bring some, possibly unexpected, peace and joy to meetings to which you were not completely looking forward.

This time of the year is a time for celebration, and most of you go to great efforts to make it so for your children or grandchildren, while clinging to grudges that you hold against various adults with whom you interact – spouses, parents, siblings, bosses, associates, etc.  So, this Christmas season, as you move rapidly towards awakening, be conscious of grudges and resentments to which have become attached or even addicted, and set the intent, as firmly and powerfully as you can, to forgive everyone you see as an enemy or as an untrustworthy friend or relative.  As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

You have very frequently been reminded that you can only change yourselves, and this is absolutely true, but as you do so others will also change.  That is your mission on Earth at this time.  You chose to incarnate to assist in humanity’s great awakening, and when you made that choice you were fully aware that you had human lessons to learn, namely, to forgive unconditionally all who hurt or offended you and to offer them unconditional love.  That is what our heavenly Father does, always has done, and always will do.

AND, as you all well know because you have been told so often, and because deep within yourselves this divine truth is eternally present, you know that God created you like unto Himself.  There is no other way that He could create you.  This does not mean similar to himself.

You and God are One, and therefore you and every other sentient being are One.  There is only One.  Therefore to judge, blame, condemn, or shame another is in fact to do that to yourselves.

To awaken is to consciously know that you are Love, One with Source, and to live that divine truth joyfully in every moment regardless of what may arise.  The answer to every issue or problem, as you are always being reminded, is always LOVE!

And where can you find Love?  Nowhere but within your beautiful selves.  We are not talking here about beauty in form, but about beauty in the One, and that is, without exception, everyone of you.  Wherever you see or experience ugliness – in nature, in other humans, in behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, words, or actions – you are but seeing images of yourselves.  Unreal images that you constructed within the game that is the illusion, and with which you engage whenever you find yourselves in any kind of conflict.  All conflict is with yourself, because there is no one else!

So, this Christmas season, remember that.  Remember that you are One, and that you are the one or the many with whom you are in conflict, or with whom you are in love.  It is always your choice – conflict or Love.  And you know, consciously, that the only way forward is through Love.  The trouble is that you have been waiting for others to demonstrate this.  You did not want to be the first because you feared you would be making yourselves vulnerable, which you see as an invitation to pain and suffering, as others would choose to take advantage of you.

Well, some, a few, will take advantage of you.  However, the vast majority will be uplifted and inspired when they experience you as totally vulnerable and loving, and they will respond in like manner.  And you will discover that to be vulnerable is completely safe because in that state you will find that you have nothing that you are ashamed of, that you feel a need to hide.  You will find yourselves feeling freer than you have ever felt.

Love is free, and in Its vulnerability It is utterly invulnerable.  And that is who and what you are, always have been, and forever will be!

Wishing you a most glorious Christmas, your loving brother, Jesus.

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JEW WORLD ORDER: See http://www.jewworldorder.org


The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure.
They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution.

Problem, reaction, solution is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to play the victim, and influence global changes in laws to protect all their historic and contemporary lies ……Who still falls for this old Yiddish trick manipulating policy changes to hide and protect Jewish crimes, acting out Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution against the gentile, changes which gives (((them))) immunity when hiding the truth.

If I converted to Buddhism, does that make me Chinese? If I converted to Hinduism, does that make me Indian? When Khazarians (Mongol Turks) converted to Judaism in 740 BC and stole the true Negro Hebrew identity, and turned them into slaves… did that make the counterfeit Jews Hebrew? Well, the Jew World Order seems to think so. They crucified Jesus Christ for exposing them.

The invention of the Muslim Terrorist is the latest invention by the Jews, to spread fear and dismantle governments that are not yet puppets of the Jews…or have decided to stop serving the Jews.. justifying raping the World, and slaughtering billions of innocent genuine semite and gentile families in every country for power and control… under the illusion of Freedom and Democracy.

Jewish Rabbi claims Islam is Israel’s broom

“We control Islam, and we’ll use it to destroy the west.”


P.S. Food for thoughts, Reflection on New World Order;
for a NESARA / GESARA reformation of the Banking System

Time for a Peaceful New World Order!

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