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Valdai Discussion on European Security and Defence

EXPERT OPINIONS Is Europe Ready to Form Its Own Army? 25.09.2019 Fyodor Basov © Reuters The idea of creating a European army is not new. During the Cold War, there was a real threat to the existence of the Western … Continue reading

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Israel Elections: The immediate result of the elections is a stalemate

EXPERT OPINIONS Benjamin Netanyahu Failed in His Quest to Win the Elections 19.09.2019 Itamar Rabinovich © 2019 Oded Balilty/AP A nearly complete count of the votes in this crucial Israeli election points to the following outcome: Benjamin Netanyahu has failed … Continue reading

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Valdai Discussion Club: Boltons resignation: A fresh opportunity

EXPERT OPINIONS John Bolton’s Departure as a ‘Window of Opportunity’ 12.09.2019 Dmitry Suslov © Reuters On September 10, Donald Trump announced the resignation of John Bolton, his national security advisor and famed hawk, who is often blamed for escalating tensions … Continue reading

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President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on the end of the era of Western dominance and the need to reconsider relations with Russia

PROJECTS MULTIMEDIA PROGRAMMES THE EASTERN PERSPECTIVE POLITICSECONOMICSSOCIETYSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYSECURITYENVIRONMENTHISTORY Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS From Dominance to Self-Destruction of the West? 10.09.2019 Andrei Tsygankov © 2019 Andy Wong/AP President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on the end of the era of Western dominance … Continue reading

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Have You compassion, empathy and genuine concern for others?

Global Research US Nato War Economy Civil Rights Environment Poverty Media Justice 9/11 War Crimes Militarization History Science The Meaning of Human Life By Van Robison Global Research, September 03, 2019 Theme: History Human life is precious, limited in time … Continue reading

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Coordinated Sabre rattling around the South China Sea?

Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS Does the Russia-China Military Alliance Begin in the Pacific? 07.08.2019 Artyom Lukin © Sputnik/Vadim Savitsky On June 23, Russian and Chinese air forces sent four long-range bombers, accompanied by airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft … Continue reading

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Welcome to a Pax Mare Baltikum Summit, summer 2020, in Stockholm City Hall

Pax Mare Baltikum Summit; A reminder Dear President Donald Trump, welcome to Stockholm next summer: A Pax Mare Baltikum Summit Handshake between Presidents Putin, Xi Jinping and Yourself in the beautiful Stockholm City Hall, can be a Hallmark of your … Continue reading

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Valdai: Iran, Russia and Turkey are continuing their cooperation

Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS Astana Format and the Prospects of a Trilateral Understanding On Syria 15.07.2019 Hamidreza Azizi © Reuters Two years and a half after the initiation of the Astana peace process, Iran, Russia and Turkey are continuing their … Continue reading

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Osaka G20 lesson: The return of the nation-state. 

EXPERT OPINIONS The Lessons of G20 in Osaka 10.07.2019 Jacques Sapir © 2019 Kazuhiro Nogi/Pool Photo via AP The G20 summit held in Osaka in late June 2019 was marked by a small revolution. The traditional phrase on the benefits … Continue reading

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Valdai/Sputnik perspective on Russia/China creative relations

EXPERT OPINIONSTHE EASTERN PERSPECTIVE Russia-China: A Chance to Break the Mould 28.06.2019 Nelson Wong © Sputnik/Alexei Nikolsky Today’s Russia is not the Soviet Union during the Cold War, nor is China the same as it was forty years ago. The … Continue reading

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