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New Economic Silk Road, named Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)

Russia Is Key to Asia’s Future Development. Putin’s Asia Pivot. China’s Belt and Road. Towards A “Greater Eurasian Partnership” As serious problems emerge with the further development of China’s ultra-ambitious New Economic Silk Road, the formally named Belt, Road Initiative … Continue reading

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Fulford: Secret Head of world finance, fired as a pedophile by Pope Francis

  Per Staffan December 20, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) “Big Changes Coming” – Fulford Report – 12.17.18 Secret head of world finance, Cardinal Pell, fired and big changes coming By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-12-17 Last week Cardinal … Continue reading

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The energetic “Event” that is Ascension is our destiny and still to come

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 14 December 2018 Per Staffan December 14, 2018 Mike Quinsey (channeled information)   David Wilcock 2016.12.12. New Living Expo. Forty ET groups have bases on the Moon and inside the Earth and … Continue reading

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Pax Mare Baltikum

Pax Mare Baltikum is still alive and well as a potential Belt and Road Initiative project! However; It did not yet fit into this summer’s HELSINKI HANDSHAKE. But perhaps after another month or year of development, it will be mature for … Continue reading

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A Valdai speculative forecast on UN from Andrev

Analytics Expert Opinions The Day the United Nations Ceased to Exist THE DAY THE UNITED NATIONS CEASED TO EXIST 03.05.2018 © 2018 Adam Rountree/AP Andrey Kortunov Tensions in Syria continued to escalate throughout 2019. Hostilities were stepped up again throughout … Continue reading

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