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Pax Mare Baltikum, as a part of BRI: Belt and Road Initiative

Dear President Trump! Congratulations to your effective first years in the White House! Please receive here some new bold Sound of Peace Film Scenario ideas: With a single handshake between yourself and President Putin at a Pax Mare Baltikum Peace … Continue reading

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Nuclear weapons and stabilization of the U.S.-Russian nuclear relationship

EXPERT OPINIONS Death of the INF Treaty 20.12.2018 Robert Legvold © Sputnik The death of the INF treaty is but a last piece in the story of how the half-century effort to control nuclear weapons and stabilize the U.S.-Russian nuclear … Continue reading

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Siberian natural gas will reach Western Europe through Nordstreams 1 & 2

Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS The United States Steps Up Its Interference in Europe’s Energy Policy 21.12.2018 Alexei Grivach © Sputnik/Sergey Guneev Thirty-seven years ago, on December 21, 1981, then US President Ronald Reagan, in a National Security Council meeting, asked … Continue reading

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1.PROBLEM   2.REACTION   3.SOLUTION. The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution. Problem, reaction, solution is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to … Continue reading

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New Economic Silk Road, named Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)

Russia Is Key to Asia’s Future Development. Putin’s Asia Pivot. China’s Belt and Road. Towards A “Greater Eurasian Partnership” As serious problems emerge with the further development of China’s ultra-ambitious New Economic Silk Road, the formally named Belt, Road Initiative … Continue reading

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Khazarian mafia French thug and P2 Freemason peace overtures

Benjamin Fulford Complete Report, December 3d, 2018 Per Staffan December 6, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) In historic move, P2 Freemasons—the Black Sun worshipers—sue for peace By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-12-03 In what future historians will look back … Continue reading

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Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin

Benjamin Fulford Report, November 26th, 2018 Per Staffan November 29, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) Rothschild rule ends after 250 years; new era to begin By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-11-26 The announcement on October 24, 2018 by Rothschild … Continue reading

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Valdai Club: Ruxit: Russia without Europe?

EXPERT OPINIONS Will Russia Quit the Council of Europe? 19.11.2018 Lauri Mälksoo © Sputnik/Vladimir Fedorenko The relationship between the CoE and Russia is like a relationship in which there used to be some sincere hopes for positive feelings, if not … Continue reading

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“Nationalism is betrayal of patriotism,” Macron said 11/11 in Paris

POLITICSECONOMICSSOCIETYSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYSECURITYENVIRONMENTHISTORY Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS Triangles and Polygons in Russian-American Relations 13.11.2018 Vladimir Vasiliev © 2018 Ludovic Marin/Pool Photo via AP On the very eve of the pre-announced meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald … Continue reading

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Fulford: Trump’s USA at “The Fiscal Chaos” before rigged Mid Term Elections

Benjamin Fulford Report, October 29, 2018 Per Staffan November 1, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) Message to the banking elite: Trick or treat By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-10-29 It is going to be an especially haunting Halloween for … Continue reading

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