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View this email in your browser Australian Investigative Journalist Exposes Mainstream Media Betrayal of Assange By Oscar GrenfellAt a Sydney “Politics in the Pub” meeting on Thursday night, award-winning Australian journalist Mark Davis revealed new first-hand information exposing the extent of the betrayal … Continue reading

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Coordinated Sabre rattling around the South China Sea?

Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS Does the Russia-China Military Alliance Begin in the Pacific? 07.08.2019 Artyom Lukin © Sputnik/Vadim Savitsky On June 23, Russian and Chinese air forces sent four long-range bombers, accompanied by airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft … Continue reading

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Trump’s trade war with China is escalating dangerously…

“On a Scale of 1-10, It’s an 11” – Wall Street Reacts to China’s Retaliation By Zero Hedge One day after China finally snapped, and demonstratively refused to intervene and keep the CNH above 7.00 vs the dollar, escalating the trade … Continue reading

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How-WW III-was-averted-in-a-remote-place-called-Astana/

Anonyma PATRIOTER 19 FEBRUARI 2017  > We have just avoided WWIII, not because of the Astana Syrian Peace talks, but because Trump has broken the back of the New World Order’s attempt to enthrone the Bush Oil Cartel in its … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford Geo-Political Reports

    August 5, 2019 A look at power centers negotiating world government By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  50 Comments Notice to readers:  This report and the next report will be pre-written, as I take my annual sabbatical.  We will only … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, had their thirtieth meeting in six years!

Global Research Russia-China: The Summit Which the Media Ignored By Manlio Dinucci Global Research, June 12, 2019 Region: Asia, Russia and FSU Theme: History, Media Disinformation On 5 June, the media projectors zeroed in on President Trump and the European … Continue reading

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GLOBAL RESEARCH: US Foreign Policy in Shambles

GLOBAL RESEARCH NEWSLETTER US Foreign Policy in Shambles: NATO and the Middle East. How Do You Wage War Without Allies? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Bonnie Faulkner Global Research Click to read this article in your browser. Michel Chossudovsky discusses the recent US/Iran clash … Continue reading

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China’s interest in the Caribbean and Central America

F. William Engdahl, Global Research  As it becomes clear that the Trump Administration support, so far unsuccessful, for regime change in Venezuela is also very much about targeting the huge financial presence of China with the Maduro government, recent news … Continue reading

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The brutal end of Petrodollars, Euro and Swift ??

The World Is Dedollarizing By Peter Koenig Global Research Click to read this article in your browser. What if tomorrow nobody but the United States would use the US-dollar? Every country, or society would use their own currency for internal and … Continue reading

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Welcome to a Pax Mare Baltikum Summit, summer 2020, in Stockholm City Hall

Pax Mare Baltikum Summit; A reminder Dear President Donald Trump, welcome to Stockholm next summer: A Pax Mare Baltikum Summit Handshake between Presidents Putin, Xi Jinping and Yourself in the beautiful Stockholm City Hall, can be a Hallmark of your … Continue reading

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