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Letter to President Donald Trump

Some vital steps towards a strategic World Peace Vision President Donald Trump reelection & Nancy Pelosi Vice President, 2020 A Pax Mare Baltikum Stockholm City Hall Summit, 2020 Ms. Margaret Rockefeller invited to become World Peace Foundation President President Nancy … Continue reading

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As you know, Love is the infinite field of divine energy in which every conscious and sentient being has its eternal life. 

Per Staffan September 19, 2019 Saul (channeled messages) Love accepts what arises and deals with it lovingly. by John Smallman 2019-09-19-saul-audio-blog-for-thursday-september-19th.mp3 Saul Audio Blog for Thursday September 19th The world is changing, and it is changing for the better as ever … Continue reading

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Have You compassion, empathy and genuine concern for others?

Global Research US Nato War Economy Civil Rights Environment Poverty Media Justice 9/11 War Crimes Militarization History Science The Meaning of Human Life By Van Robison Global Research, September 03, 2019 Theme: History Human life is precious, limited in time … Continue reading

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Pax Mare Baltikum, as a part of BRI: Belt and Road Initiative

Dear President Trump! Congratulations to your effective first years in the White House! Please receive here some new bold Sound of Peace Film Scenario ideas: With a single handshake between yourself and President Putin at a Pax Mare Baltikum Peace … Continue reading

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Christianity unites globally

Dialogue for the future SPIEF 2018 PROJECTS EVENTS ANALYTICS MULTIMEDIA PROGRAMMES ABOUT Analytics Expert Opinions Historic Meeting in Havana Brings About ‘Minor Breakthrough’ on Ukraine HISTORIC MEETING IN HAVANA BRINGS ABOUT ‘MINOR BREAKTHROUGH’ ON UKRAINE 15.02.2016 © Associated Press Nicolai … Continue reading

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Dialogue for the future The Evolution of Sino-Russian Relationship: A Perspective from the Meeting Between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin THE EVOLUTION OF SINO-RUSSIAN RELATIONSHIP: A PERSPECTIVE FROM THE MEETING BETWEEN XI JINPING AND VLADIMIR PUTIN 01.08.2018 © 2018 Gianluigi … Continue reading

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Pax Mare Baltikum

Pax Mare Baltikum is still alive and well as a potential Belt and Road Initiative project! However; It did not yet fit into this summer’s HELSINKI HANDSHAKE. But perhaps after another month or year of development, it will be mature for … Continue reading

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Create a Peaceful New World Order!

With a Handshake between Presidents Reagan and Gorbatjov, they suggested the combined dismantling of the Warsaw Pact and NATO, as a method to end the Cold War. Can Presidents Putin and Trump make it happen in 2018? The people of … Continue reading

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Valdai Discussions: UN on a future multipolar world

WILL A MULTIPOLAR WORLD EMERGE FROM THE POST-COLD WAR CHAOS? 22.06.2018 On Thursday, June 21, the Valdai Club hosted a meeting with António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Experts of the Club and journalists discussed with the distinguished guest … Continue reading

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Kazarian cabalists will now face justice!!!

Benjamin Fulford Report – Complete, March 19th, 2018

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