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Soros’ prepaid debit cards fund migrants through Europe

UN, EU and Soros provide migrants with prepaid debit cards to fund their trip to and through Europe

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Profitable Municipal Kidnapping is an Industry!!!

Hi All who will & can speak up & help to STOP SATANIC COLDBLOODED “CHRISTIAN” BLOODTHIRSTY AMERICAN ORGANISED MURDERERS of poor, innocent & defenseless children, Americans live in a society built of and on lies, built into their psyches and … Continue reading

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Sweden is A Culture of Silence!

Several highly qualified insiders are well aware of the fact that Sweden and not only Sweden is in the midst of a civil war. It is a new type of war with different methods than we are used to see … Continue reading

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Pax Mare Baltikum

Pax Mare Baltikum is still alive and well as a potential Belt and Road Initiative project! However; It did not yet fit into this summer’s HELSINKI HANDSHAKE. But perhaps after another month or year of development, it will be mature for … Continue reading

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Nazism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin

Benjamin Fulford Complete Report, July 16th, 2018 Per Staffan July 19, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) “Liberation of Israel” – Fulford Report – 7.16.18 By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-07-16 The world is headed for a new age, not … Continue reading

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Will EU be replaced by the European Council?

Dialogue for the future Missed Opportunities: EU Has No Comprehensive Migration Strategy MISSED OPPORTUNITIES: EU HAS NO COMPREHENSIVE MIGRATION STRATEGY 05.07.2018 © 2018 Olivier Matthys/AP Teresa Coratella The EU is politically, economically and culturally interconnected to key global players, from … Continue reading

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The old regime in the U.S. and Europe is collapsing

Benjamin Fulford Complete Report, June 25th, 2018 Per Staffan June 28, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis Western civilization continues to implode as old paradigms cease to function By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-06-25 The … Continue reading

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Valdai: The big business of organized Migration

Dialogue for the future CAN EUROPE REMAIN LIBERAL AND DEMOCRATIC VIS-À-VIS THE MIGRATION CRISIS? 25.06.2018 © 2018 Yves Herman/Pool Photo via AP Rein Müllerson Watching the other day the interview that Marine Le Pen was giving for France24, I noticed … Continue reading

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