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Prepare for spaceship contacts and landings; Be neutral

Ashtar via James McConnell, March 24th, 2018 Per Staffan March 29, 2018 Ashtar (channeled messages) I AM Ashtar. I Am always pleased to be with you in these times, in these moments, always remembering that we are in the now … Continue reading

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Ashtar; Landmarks ahead!

Per Staffan December 16, 2017 Ashtar (channeled messages) Ashtar; Landmarks ahead! Ashtar; Landmarks ahead, a channeling through Kerstin Eriksson, 15 December 2017. Greetings to you, I am Ashtar! You are very dear to me, to us! We are a confederacy … Continue reading

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Your third eye may perceive the “realness” of your reality ?

Sananda October 15, 2017 Angelic Guides (channeled messages) Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: Where Are Your Dreams Held Before They Manifest? October 14, 2017 Today we would like to focus your attention upon the subject of physical manifestations vs. vibrational manifestations. … Continue reading

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Crop art can signal coming spacecraft landings

Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward Sananda September 25, 2017 Matthew Ward (channeled source) With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Deepening concerns surrounding North Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence … Continue reading

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