About Philosophising

I AM the Philosophising agent behind this blog.
I AM in balance within my Body, Soul and Spirit!

My physical body carries the brain and six sensory organs facing the physical environment. (do not forget the angular rate sensors of the: vestibularis, in the inner ear)

The Soul consists of will, feelings and intellectual thought, organised as cybernetic control loops of clever feedback. With a Spiritual Self in a cosmic world of ideas I can reach into a domain beyond the limitations of time (as the physical speed of light for example).

By year 2000, I had created a scientific treatise called I AM Philosophising.
You will easily find it on:  http://www.peace.se/?p=163

To control along the arrow of time, is today described by Cybernetics (A theory developed by Dr Norbert Wiener some half a century ago).

To control a system means a continuos use of feedback loops at different time scales: From the fast neural activities in the brain, to the biochemical blood loops of the body, to the mind able to formulate societal ideas and evolution over years, decades and millennia.

Some relevant cybernetic questions are:

How does the pilot do it when controlling his aircraft?

What does it mean to take dynamic responsibility for driving a car in traffic?

How does a Project Leader control a project within a limited time frame?

How can a Politician control the society responsibly over years and decades?

How can religions influence morals and Ethics over centuries?

What stabilises the long cycles of Spiritual Ideas over the millennia?


As an  aircraft engineer I could understand the feedback mechanism of an autopilot. Faster inner loops, within loops for longer time constant, and with societal, religious and spiritual loop structures as the very outer long term processes.

Is it the perception of the sensory organs, that give you a basis for your analytical thinking? Is it a feeling for the desirable, possible and appropriate that motivates your actions here and now?

Can an intuitive impulse from the world of ideas, make you change what you planned, based upon experience? Can the ideas from the dreams get you to will something radical new during the morning hours?

If the thoughts dwell in the microsecond fast electrical processes in the nervous system loops, do the feelings belong to the body’s blood biochemistry of the low and- high-pressure feedback loops?

Is it in the puitiuary gland that the reasons between mind and emotional feelings meet? Is it there, between the brain halves, that the moral will get its conscience heard, in the very centre called the Pineal Gland or Third Eye, by ancient wisdom sages?

Is it in the very cross, the mixing point between forward creative intuition and feedback analysis, where the very time dimension itself is best experiences by the Soul? If so, we can give a new cybernetic light to the insight from the Antique (Democritos and Plato) that the Soul consists of will, feel and thinking.   So why not test this model of the Psyche on yourself?

Do you want to know how the Philosophers did it, go to:  The Art of Philosophizing
( http://www.peace.se/?p=191 )

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