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We have just avoided WWIII, not because of the Astana Syrian Peace talks, but because Trump has broken the back of the New World Order’s attempt to enthrone the Bush Oil Cartel in its Global CIA headquarters in Astana, Kazakhstan. Now, We the People need to do one more thing to make sure our elected officials know that we are not going to live in the swamp they created. But first let’s check out a swamp that is beginning to stink in Kazakhstan.

If you have never heard of Astana, then it is time to learn what the legacy media is keeping from you. For those of you who follow the Anonymous Patriots’ Citizens’ Intelligence Reports, you will be familiar with the high level intelligence we provide fellow patriots so that you are armed with the truth that the legacy media can’t tell you because they ARE the opposition. Whether CNN, NBC, or Fox, they operate as weapons of deceit to keep We the People from knowing the deep truth about our world and its rulers. If we are to support the new administration in wiping out the world’s common enemy, we need to know WHO the enemy is and what their battle plan looks like. We also need to know the deep crimes they have committed against humanity.

Astana (appropriately, its anagram is A Satan) is a legacy of George HW Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney’s illegal manipulation of the oil reserves in the former countries of the USSR that now are ruled by despots and kleptocrats funded through oil cartels.

Also in Astana is a battle being waged between Pope Francis and Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbayev for a One World Religion – or Global Theocracy. Nazarbayev wants to use the Congress of World and Traditional Religions to establish his global control of religion in Astana. The Pope, however, has a different idea. see more:

How WWIII Was Averted in a Remote Place Called Astana

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