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Three Cabal Rothschild Power Obelisks Fall…

Major victory as all three power obelisks fall: Washington, London and Rome By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2019-07-08 Last week saw a major victory for humanity as the Khazarian mafia lost its grip on all three centers of Western … Continue reading

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Osaka G20 lesson: The return of the nation-state. 

EXPERT OPINIONS The Lessons of G20 in Osaka 10.07.2019 Jacques Sapir © 2019 Kazuhiro Nogi/Pool Photo via AP The G20 summit held in Osaka in late June 2019 was marked by a small revolution. The traditional phrase on the benefits … Continue reading

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David Wilcock: Pedophile Epstein arrested, and Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed

David Wilcock Report – It Begins, July 7th, 2019 Per Staffan July 9, 2019 David Wilcock (spiritually inspired reporter) David Wilcock NEW ARTICLE 7-7-19… “IT BEGINS: Epstein Indicted [arrested, actually], Black-Ops Mega-Base Destroyed!”   Well, here we go. David picked … Continue reading

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Germany was chosen to be the loser of WW II in 1933

GLOBAL RESEARCH NEWSLETTER Help Us Keep World News Unchained – Click Here To Donate Now! Second World War Could Have Ended in 1943 Had Allied Bombing Focused on Military-related Targets By Shane Quinn Global Research Click to read this article in … Continue reading

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Beware of false flag info on internet these weeks

Israel’s Latest Strikes in Syria Prove that the US-Russia-Israel Jerusalem National Security Summit Was a Success By Andrew Korybko Global Research Click to read this article in your browser.

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Sananda: You will receive your own telepathic communication with me soon

Per Staffan July 2, 2019 James McConnell (channeled messages) SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell) I am Sananda. As always, it is a pleasure to be able to be with you to communicate with you in these ways, knowing that in the … Continue reading

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Insane materialism is over

Per Staffan June 30, 2019 Saul (channeled messages) The age of crude, gross, and insane materialism is over. 06/29/2019 Saul audio Blog for Saturday June 29th Humanity is most definitely on the brink of awakening! You need to wake up … Continue reading

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