Beware of false flag info on internet these weeks

Israel’s Latest Strikes in Syria Prove that the US-Russia-Israel Jerusalem National Security Summit Was a Success

By Andrew Korybko
Global Research

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One Response to Beware of false flag info on internet these weeks

  1. Ove Svidén says:

    Does the above confuse you? That is the meaning of false flags.
    Read them both before you take a stand.
    Neither Benjamin Fulford or Global Research do have the right answer.

    Both sources are needed to jog your free will
    under this summer’s period of spiritual ascension.

    För er läsare som förstår svenska, föreslår jag nu även läsandet av Filosofens blogg: Benjamin Fulfords senaste rapport på Bakom Kulisserna är stark.
    Filosofera dig fri genom att läsa båda texterna!

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