The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will stabilize the global economy


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The collapse of the old fiat financial system is imminent.

The Deep State Cabal are bankrupt and therefore lack the funding to save themselves or retaliate.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is nearing the point of no return which will trigger a systematic implosion of the old fiat financial system.

What is left of the old fiat financial system (such as mega corporations, companies, etc.) will be auctioned off to new owners that are working with the Earth Alliance.

The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will then be implemented to stabilize the global economy.

All currencies will be revalued based on gold reserves.

The RV is expected to occur prior to the collapse with a redemption window of 1-2 months.

After the redemption of RV basket currencies is complete, the Earth Alliance will trigger the collapse of the old fiat financial system and initiate the final phase of the transition..

Once the collapse is triggered, mass indictments will also begin which will complete the take down of the Deep State Cabal and also serve as a final blow to the stock markets.

The final phase of the transition is worldwide GESARA compliance which will be achieved once these 5 conditions are met:

1. Redemption of RV basket currencies

2. Implementation of the QFS

3. Mass indictments/arrests of the Deep State Cabal

4. Dismantling of the EU

5. Reformation of laws

Change of incredible proportions is on the horizon.

Source: Operation Disclosure

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    Just happened upon your website
    Provocative, insightful, stunning

  2. Ove Svidén says:

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