Pax Mare Baltikum, as a part of BRI: Belt and Road Initiative

Dear President Trump!

Congratulations to your effective first years in the White House!

Please receive here some new bold Sound of Peace Film Scenario ideas:

With a single handshake between yourself and President Putin at a Pax Mare Baltikum Peace Summit in Stockholm, You can help fulfill your promise from Your election campaign, to improve relations between America and Russia.

Pax Mare Baltikum represents an idea of some twelve neutral states to form a Ring of Peace around the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, it can become a North Western corner of BRI, The Belt and Road Initiative linking Europe with Far East in an Infrastructure Mega Project beyond Russia, India and China. A BRI-budget of some 40 times larger than the Marshall Plan some seventy years ago, has been mentioned!

So in summary, find a date when Presidents Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Yourself can make a History Changing Handshake in Stockholm City Hall.

I am confident that such a handshake ceremony in Stockholm can help make both yourself, America  and the World become Great Again to live in.

Welcome to the beautiful Stockholm City Hall

Ove Svidén           World Peace Foundation
Philosophizing President and scenario writer
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Ove Svidén
World Peace Foundation, Stockholm

In year 1611 the Swedish Warrior King Gustaf II Adolf inherited the credo: Mare Baltikum Dominii. ( Please compare this with the more recent credo: Dominate The Middle East,  as the Petrodollar Bretton Woods Initiative of 1944! )

Sweden with its able European mercenaries engaged in the 30 year European War. We survived on the winning side of the costly long war in Central Europe. Our able Kingdom had proven its strength over the small divided German counties/Länder, not yet united into a Nation like Sweden.

The autocrat Kings of Sweden instilled fear and envy to the still feudal Europe. It worked well for over a century until a young overly confident Karl XII, lost to the ambitious Tsar Peter at the Poltava battle field in 1709. Peter the Great, had the ambition to internationalize Russia with a Capital and naval/commercial port in S:Petersburg at the Finish Bay of the Baltic Sea. King Karl had overstretched his military strength. He could not keep the occupied Russian land from Finland and Baltikum down south towards Ukraine under Swedish hegemonist rule and order.

Then, only some two hundred years ago, a war-weary Field Marshall Jean Baptiste Bernadotte from from The Napoleon’s Army was elected King of Sweden. Rather than taking up a fight against Russia, our Arch-enemy since Poltava, King Karl XIV Johan formed a peaceful alliance/union with Norway!?!   Like the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, our Swedish peaceful neutrality with neighbor countries worked well for two hundred years, similar to the realization of an American dream of neutral industrial nation building, up until the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

A Coming Peace Summit in Stockholm, can become an eye-opener to the rest of the World. Therefore, I have invited The Obama Foundation as keynote speakers to the event.

Furthermore, The Nobel Peace Price Laureate Barack Obama of 2009, might also be a man to lead a later Peace, Spirituality and the Future Conference in Brussels.

Yes certainly we can all help make America Great Again!
Yes we can! Together. In Peace. Beyond the Petrodollar Era.

The Pax Mare Baltikum Idea can certainly help maintain and develop European Neutrality;  A New NEUTRAL peace form during the century ahead! All over Europe?!
Yes indeed, over all the Worlds BRI Initiatives….

Please enjoy Ove’s bold, creative film scenarios above for a: Sound of Peace!


William Mario Larrabure was a film producer in Hollywood. We met in Sweden in 1998.
We created the feature film Idea Sound of Peace together. Please feel free to invite him to the White House. Billy Larrabure has an interesting story to tell you about the creation of World Peace Foundation in New York County back in 1999..

About Ove Svidén

Ove Svidén was born on March 10, 1937 at 12:15 in Stockholm, Sweden. M.Sc., 1960, Aircraft Engineering, KTH, Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm. B.A., 1980, Psychology, Education, Politics at Linköping University. Received a Ph.D. 1989, on Scenarios, Dept. Management and Economics, Linköping University. Futures Research 1988-91, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office at Drive Project, DGXIII, Brussels. CEO at ARISEeeig on Road Transport Informatics, 1992-99, Brussels. President, World Peace Foundation from 2001-, Stockholm (
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