Prayer is a big blanket of Love, Peace deep, deep Peace

It is up to the humans to assist Gaia to integrate that love into Her planetary body. But it is only when humans love their Planet that they can share that love with Gaia.


So, it really depends on the time and where we are. When we speak, for example, about the inner situation in Egypt, where I spent several months in recent years, I found that the situation there has been much better than the media portrayed.

Therefore I have found lots of love on the land of Egypt, as well as from lots of the people of Egypt. The Egyptian society in general, from all people, children, adults, youth, is a very high level of integrity because it’s a very religious country where the practice of the prayer is cultivated.

So as I attended some of the prayers during the time of Ramadan there, which was a very deep touching experience. The energies created during the Ramadan fasting for the holy month was extraordinary. It was like a blanket of very, very special energies were created.

You really feel it there because people really switch off from life at least to a big degree. Although life goes on in many areas, as usual, people really treat that time as a process to go inside and to pray. And prayer is something very natural to those in any religion and even without religion. It is our natural ability to enter into a state of communion with our soul, the forces of the Universe and higher powers which some see as God.

Many choose that life as a path. Therefore, I’ve found lots of love, lots of love coming to Gaia, through this love I remember my very, very first experience in Egypt. It was just after Ramadan in July, when Cairo which is usually a very vast place, sometimes a chaotic city, was like a capital of Peace.

The Peace in the air and on Earth was like a temple, it was absolutely incredible that this big city was turning into a big blanket of Love, Peace deep, deep Peace. And I have found the same with the numerous prayers in the mosque’s, especially in Alexandria.

It’s that really whenever people give up their daily activities, schedules and just gather together in the communion to commune with God, with the force of the Universe and at the same time Earth, then really beautiful things happen within themselves. And that was a very special and beautiful experience.

I felt that was a big, big gift for Gaia.

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