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Nuclear weapons and stabilization of the U.S.-Russian nuclear relationship

EXPERT OPINIONS Death of the INF Treaty 20.12.2018 Robert Legvold © Sputnik The death of the INF treaty is but a last piece in the story of how the half-century effort to control nuclear weapons and stabilize the U.S.-Russian nuclear … Continue reading

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Washington’s control of global dollars for trade and wars

Washington’s Silent Weapon for Not-so-quiet Wars. “A World Full of Dollars”, A 2019 Global Economic Crisis F. William Engdahl    First published on November 1, 2018 Today by far the deadliest weapon of mass destruction in Washington’s arsenal lies not … Continue reading

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Siberian natural gas will reach Western Europe through Nordstreams 1 & 2

Valdai Club EXPERT OPINIONS The United States Steps Up Its Interference in Europe’s Energy Policy 21.12.2018 Alexei Grivach © Sputnik/Sergey Guneev Thirty-seven years ago, on December 21, 1981, then US President Ronald Reagan, in a National Security Council meeting, asked … Continue reading

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Ascension & Love: Enormous changes occur all over the planet

Sananda via John Smallman, December 21st, 2018 Per Staffan December 22, 2018 Sananda (channeled messages) Remember your are LOVE! December 21, 2018 by John Smallman Jesus Audio Blog for Friday December 21stChristmas day, my birthday, is approaching rapidly, so CELEBRATE! Enormous … Continue reading

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1.PROBLEM   2.REACTION   3.SOLUTION. The Elite Jews create the illness, then sell the Cure. They create Chaos & Terrorism, then sell the solution. Problem, reaction, solution is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to … Continue reading

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New Economic Silk Road, named Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)

Russia Is Key to Asia’s Future Development. Putin’s Asia Pivot. China’s Belt and Road. Towards A “Greater Eurasian Partnership” As serious problems emerge with the further development of China’s ultra-ambitious New Economic Silk Road, the formally named Belt, Road Initiative … Continue reading

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Fulford: Secret Head of world finance, fired as a pedophile by Pope Francis

  Per Staffan December 20, 2018 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) “Big Changes Coming” – Fulford Report – 12.17.18 Secret head of world finance, Cardinal Pell, fired and big changes coming By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society 2018-12-17 Last week Cardinal … Continue reading

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Saul: You were created in Love for eternal happiness

Saul via John Smallman, December 18th, 2018 Per Staffan December 19, 2018 Saul (channeled messages) Be in Joy! 12/18/2018 by John Smallman Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday December 18th Humanity is on the verge of a breakthrough in its awakening … Continue reading

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Soros and a weak EU is the bankster arm of the Cabal

NEWS POLITICS CRIME CULTURE BUSINESS MEDIA HIDDEN HISTORY VIDEOS ABOUT George Soros Lays it Out for All to See September 4, 2016 Thomas Müller Articles by Thomas Müller, International News, Winter Watch Articles 11 With the George Soros leaks revealing … Continue reading

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Geopolitical events all play a role in the transitional process toward GESARA

Per Staffan December 18, 2018 Disclosure – Banking and Currency (not channeled) Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 17, 2018 RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 17, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence … Continue reading

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