Profitable Municipal Kidnapping is an Industry!!!

Hi All who will & can speak up & help to STOP SATANIC COLDBLOODED “CHRISTIAN” BLOODTHIRSTY AMERICAN ORGANISED MURDERERS of poor, innocent & defenseless children,
Americans live in a society built of and on lies, built into their psyches and fabric of all their institutions! Americans have sold their souls to Satan to support Wahhabist Saudis and Zionist Israelis in
Getting away with Murder: America’s War Criminals and Their Accessories,–by-Gary-Brumback-Activism-Anti-War_CRIMINAL-CONSPIRACY_Criminal-Justice_Criminal-Justice-161204-463.html,
Pentagon Report Points To US Preparations For Total War,,, RWNJ Pastor Says America Is Led By ‘Satanists’,, Satanists Are Taking Over Everything!, Satanists Control Government & Media,, The United States of America is a Satanist Country,, satanic coldblooded “Christian” bloodthirsty organised murderers U.S. Holds the World Record of Killings of Innocent Civilians,, what right has these satanic coldblooded “Christian” bloodthirsty American organised murderers lead the world let alone America? US-China War is Inevitable?, “Why Do You Work For A Murderer?”, where should these murderers be? Where is the justice for the world’s poor, innocent and defenseless children murdered by these SATANIC COLDBLOODED “CHRISTIAN” BLOODTHIRSTY AMERICAN ORGANISED MURDERERS? Who are there who will and can speak up and help to STOP these murderers who murder poor, innocent and defenseless children with squandered world’s wealth instead of helping to lift these children out of poverty? Who do these murderers and criminals think they are to even think of dictating to the whole wide world! They are NOT even fit to lead those shit-hole nations where they come from which is a real wonder how they got elected as those shit-hole nations’ government officials who are the greatest joke of the whole wide world! Time for all these murderers and war criminals to be brought to justice now! Let them all die the most horrible death from all their internal organs being eaten by worms to rot and burst out of their bodies for murdering all those poor, innocent and defenseless children! Let the bravest world leader (surely NOT murderous twitter bird brains trumpence!) STOP these Vatican-US satanic organised murders of poor, innocent and defenseless children!
Thanks, most gratefully & sincerely yours,
WAR is ORGANISED MURDER, thus these murderers are war criminals!

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Ove Svidén was born on March 10, 1937 at 12:15 in Stockholm, Sweden. M.Sc., 1960, Aircraft Engineering, KTH, Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm. B.A., 1980, Psychology, Education, Politics at Linköping University. Received a Ph.D. 1989, on Scenarios, Dept. Management and Economics, Linköping University. Futures Research 1988-91, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office at Drive Project, DGXIII, Brussels. CEO at ARISEeeig on Road Transport Informatics, 1992-99, Brussels. President, World Peace Foundation from 2001-, Stockholm (
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