President Trump will introduce the gold-standard as an emergency


Operation Disclosure


Western mainstream media is actively blocking news about the Petroyuan being gold-backed.

The Petroyuan going live was the beginning of the final battle between the Alliance and the Cabal.

All currencies are set to reset upon the activation of the new financial system.

Incoming major stock market corrections will force the U.S. into a state of collapse.

This will not happen, Trump will introduce the gold-standard as an emergency solution prior to any collapse.

The USD is already digitally gold-backed as the “USN” under the new financial system.

Other Western countries in Europe will also be affected by the stock market corrections.

The solution is a worldwide global gold-standard monetary system (also known as the new financial system).

The announcement of the USN is the last step to victory.

The RV is expected to begin around these events.

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