Sananda, Beam Yourself down from Starship New Jerusalem

Dear Sandanda; Please participate in the World Peace Foundation meeting
in Brussels after New Year 2018!

After BREXIT, Europe desperately needs a common value base.
The four branches of Christianity is a religious base, yes.

But it has to be complemented with a modern Internet variant:
Your Jesus Sananda Autobiography channelled by Kathryn E. May,
some three years ago can give a lift to the description of our Ascension.

Please Sananda beam yourself down from Starship New Jerusalem
and help inspire and empower us light workers and women on Mother Earth


I AM Sananda. And as always it is wonderful to be with you with this group with all that share in our understanding our remembering of who and what we all are.

For this is the crux, everyone, this is what we came here to do. All of you … myself included for I came as you came with me so long ago. We all came together. We all are experiencing this evolution of man together. We are all feeling and knowing this consciousness as it raises together. There is no one here that listens and acclimates or resonates to these words — no one — that is not beginning to remember who they are.

The move through this awakening process or this re-awakening process for so many of you have been here and done this before. Many of you have experienced these changes, these levels of vibration that you are going through now. So many of you have experienced it long ago and are re-experiencing it now. And the time to feel down and depressed and like it is taking too long, that we need to speed these things up; that time is over.

The time to be is to be in the now, to be experiencing everything that you are experiencing in the now but feel it at a higher level of your being. Feel it as the Source within you for that is the expression you are all moving back toward, is to feel and know the Source and you as one, that you and your Godself are one. You have always been one and will always be one and there can never be a separation of that which you have always known because you have always been that and always will be.

The times that feel like all is lost, that feel like the world is falling apart, like people are not advancing, are not becoming who they need to be, those times are passed. It is time now to realize and understand that this is the moment you came here for. This is those times, those end times that were spoken of by myself as Yeshua. These are those times when all seems lost. But yet as you look at everything as lost you know that everything is about to come forward. Everything is about to shift and change. We are all about this shift, the shift in consciousness.

And when you experience these meditations you are experiencing the shift of consciousness in that moment. And just for that moment it is affecting you, it is changing you, it is shifting and changing your DNA. It is reawakening your third eye. It is bringing back the process of all that you have known previously because all that you have known previously is right there in front of you separated yet by a veil. That veil as you hear many many times is shifting, is dissipating, and will eventually be completely gone. But what will that be like when that veil has completely dissipated? What indeed will that be like in that time?

So you see, of those things that have been oblivious to you until now? Will you see that other side of life that you call death? Will you see those appear once again? Some yes. Will you see the Elemental world in front of you? Yes, many of you will.

You will feel and know all those things which you knew previously because all of that will come back to your remembrance in those moments as you fully remember who you are.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now. All of my peace and love be with you as I turn this over to my dear beloved now. Peace and love be with all of you.


Channel: James McConnell –
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated “Believing is seeing!”


Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to tell you, Dear One, that Dear Mahri is here with us, she is celebrating the moment of your celebration of her life with you today. She is standing here smiling and rejoicing, and is very happy to be free from her body. It is very painful for those who have been left behind, but it is a great celebration of life, and a celebration of the spirit when one returns home. And so, she sends you her love, she sends you her gratitude, and your loving thought-filled wishes for her, which she is truly free and is most grateful for your loving thoughts and concern for her.Today, our message is about living in the fullest essence of your spirit as you physically reside in your physical vehicle. Many remain confused regarding their life pathway and why they are here upon this planet. But from the beginning of time, the time that you were born, until the end of your life cycle, and the day of your physical transition from your physical body, it is to be a celebration of your life. To honor the gift called life, to honor the spirit that lives inside of you. I ask each of you, if you so shall, to take a deep breath, and begin to connect to your spirit, connect to the essence and the fullness and the richness of who you truly are. A powerful, powerful spirit who has chosen to come onto this Earth plane as you know, many times before. Living in a physical body and celebrating this gift called life. Today, we ask you to truly begin to celebrate your life, as you celebrate the life of your Dear Friend Mahri, and all those who have passed before you, all of your friends and family, and even acquaintances, and your ancestors, and all the spirits who have come to prepare the way for this true ascension period.

… you are all beautiful spirits, every one of you are beautiful spirits, regardless of how you choose to express. And so, Dearest Children, it is an honor to be on this planet, Jeshua and I felt this with every breath of our life. And we did not take anything for granted, especially after Jeshua survived the crucifixion, and even before. For his recovery was most difficult, and yet at this time, we continue to honor the power of our own spirit, and the essence of our being. And so, Dear Ones, today as you celebrate life, celebrate and live in the fullest essence of your beautiful spirit as richly and as fully as you possibly can.

… please, Dearest Ones, call upon your spirit to show you the way. We know that these incarnations can be difficult and confusing. But it is the mental mind that causes the confusion. Always tap into the essence of your heart, tap into the essence of your soul, tap into the essence of your beautiful spirit. That is the guiding force. …

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