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Star Wars behind President Trump’s NESARA Republic

“Star Wars” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 28, 2017 8/28/2017 01:20:00 AM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP Received via email for publication at 12:00 AM EDT. ~ Dinar Chronicles   Now that I have everyone’s full attention… Benevolents stopped Hurricane Harvey before … Continue reading

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Sheldan Nidle: Prepare for the NESARA Republic

The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle, August 29th, 2017 Sananda August 29, 2017 Sheldan Nidle (channeled messages) 9 Cib, 14 Uo, 1 Ik Selamat Jalwa! Funding is now approaching. Multitudes of currencies are being readied to make everyone in … Continue reading

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Google and CIA: old friends 

Social Media is A Tool of the CIA: “Facebook, Google and Other Social Media Used to Spy on People” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, August 28, 2017 Region: USA Theme: Intelligence, Media Disinformation, Police State & Civil Rights  113 A CBS news article published … Continue reading

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New Feminine/Masculine Strength and Greatness

Sananda August 27, 2017 Sananda (channeled messages) Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I come to remind you of who you are, your strength and your greatness. You are an inexhaustible source of Light that continually refreshes, that grows and expands; an … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford: Prepare for a very eventful autumn

Sananda August 28, 2017 Benjamin Fulford (investigative reporter) “Khazarian Control Matrix Crumbles” – Fulford Report – 8.28.17 8/28/2017 02:00:00 PM  Fulford, Intel, News Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society High level weirdness in US as Khazarian control matrix crumbles By benjamin 2017-08-28 People who are aware … Continue reading

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Jew World Order

JEW WORLD ORDERMuslim Terrorists = Israel = CIA = MI6 = Governments in disguize defaming terrorizing & plundering the World HOME ABOUT US TERMS | PRIVACY CANCER CURES THAT WORK JEWISH HOLOCAUST ON THE WORLD DISCLAIMER CONTACT US   ANTICHRIST … Continue reading

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President Trump, GESARA, RV and a new ‘banking pump’?

Sananda August 27, 2017 Disclosure – Banking and Currency (not channeled) “Deeper” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – August 26, 2017 8/26/2017 07:47:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP Received via email at 7:36 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles   So much has … Continue reading

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Your individual lives are your own personal responsibility

Sananda August 26, 2017 Saul (channeled messages) To evolve spiritually is your earthly task, it always has been. 08/25/2017 by John Smallman Saul Audio Blog for Friday August 25thWithin the human collective there is enormous creative ability which will be put forward in service to … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts on CIA/NATO/US Conspiracy Theory

  Conspiracy Theory August 25, 2017 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: |  Print This Article Conspiracy Theory Paul Craig Roberts In the United States “conspiracy theory” is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or … Continue reading

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Sananda August 22, 2017 Matt Kahn (spiritual writer and teacher) by Matt Kahn Entering Unity Consciousness Today’s eclipse represents the emotional and energetic harvest for all the hard work so many lightworkers and earth angels have been doing over the past many … Continue reading

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