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US-Russian disclosure of extraterrestrial life? Russia Orders US: Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will A stunning Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report on Prime Minister Medvedev’s agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week states that Russia will warn US … Continue reading

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“Saint Germain’s Tips on Redemption.” Surrender and align your small will to God’s Will. Relax. You are ready. You were born for this.

    “This is it.”  ~ Saint Germain  (Channeled by Christine Burk 10/18/16) Tuesday, October 18, 2016 Edition #73   Subscription FREE or by Donation TODAY’S HEADLINES Ready! Set! Redeem! Saint Germain Confirms Progress & Offers Insight by Saint Germain … Continue reading

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Keynote Speakers for a Brussels Peace Conference

Dear Jesus Sananda, Beam yourself down to Mother Earth, from Your Spaceship New Jerusalem! Your Christ Consciousness, Con-Science and millennia long range soul experiences, are now well needed for an Ascension of Humanekind. Please help me invite President Barack Obama … Continue reading

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