We Shall Overcome

Mother’s Mini-Message # 15

We Shall Overcome

Dear Children, yesterday was a monumental day.  It was Father’s Day for many, the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, and a day of revelation and new beginnings for my children who are searching within themselves for the freedom to begin a new world without the shadows and pain that led humankind into darkness so long ago.

On this day of celebration and new Light, our beloved Meg, co-host of our radio show with Kathryn, has taken a turn on her path that has freed her from the prison of millions of years of darkness and pain.  As you know, Meg was one of our dear Archangel daughters who received the longest and most severe damage of any souls participating in the Earth Project.

Meg spent thousands of lifetimes recycling within the prison of mind-control in the 4th dimension, and she is the first to completely free herself from the most extreme level of cruelty, pain and enslavement – the system of programming the Annunaki brought to planet Earth.  She has, by the sheer will of her loving heart, come into the bright Light of our Love, completely and joyfully.

It is difficult to find the words to describe the profound truth our dear Meg brought to light on this new day.  She awoke to a new depth of understanding of herself and her lifetimes of abuse and trauma to realize the truth that has affected herself and all of humankind.

Can you absorb this simple, yet profound Truth she found under the layers upon layers of experience?  It is, in her words, just this: “I saw that I had, in a thousand large and small ways, done to others what had been done to me.  I saw myself asking my dearest friend, who is the angel in my life, to walk four blocks with me so we could have dinner at a restaurant I like.  She had a sprained ankle, not yet healed, and I asked her to walk on her still painful leg, declaring it would be good for her!  I see it, I see the whole landscape of what I have done!  I have passed on the thoughtlessness and cruelty, and I didn’t even realize it!”

How did our Meg transcend the entrapment of the Matrix?  First, she was courageous in her willingness to look at herself and all her behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and actions with total honesty and clarity.  Meg released any and all strategies that she had developed to protect herself from seeing the extent of destructive dark patterns that had infiltrated every part of her life.

I want to note that everyone on surface Earth is in Meg’s position.  They have either come through the conscious journey of seeing and releasing patterns of darkness, or they are still living in reaction to them.  First, Meg took the road of assigning no blame, shame or guilt to herself or anyone else.  Secondly, Meg asked Father and me to support and participate with her in her valiant efforts to see and understand both what had happened to her and, more importantly, what deep effects it had had in her psyche.

Please note that the steps she took are imperative. She first took an honest look on her own to perceive her damage, and the resulting behaviors, and then she called Father and me to assist her in understanding and healing.  She did not simply ask us to clear and remove all her programming, damage and the behavior that has resulted.  The New Age idea that you can give all your troubles to us leaves you empty of the solutions to your problems – the precious result of creative thinking, determination and valiant effort of which we speak.  It is yours to resolve, Beloved Ones, the reason for your coming to Earth.  This is the precious opportunity, worthy goal, and ultimate measure of your qualities as the Creator Race.

Treasured children, each one of you is capable of having the impact I am about to describe, the impact that Meg has achieved for herself and all of Earth.  First, Meg healed from the deepest damage anyone could receive in the Earth experience, all the way to the complete healing, Home within our loving embrace.  Actually, she has achieved enough healing to fulfill her Ascension, however since it is not quite time for the glorious moment when the first wave of Lightworkers are to ascend, she will continue to work on the Mission to perceive and end the dark patterns that still linger.

It is too intricate and complex to explain here, but Meg’s choices have initiated a healing that not only crosses but dissolves all boundaries and limitations across timelines, lineage, race, gender, species and so on.  She has replaced all forms of separation and division with true Love.  One of the many miraculous achievements of Meg’s constancy and purity is the relationship she now has with her new Twin Soul, Eoghan (pronounced Owen).

Meg and Eoghan individually made the decision totally and without wavering, then they both, as a couple, they devoted themselves to the Light, to completely seeing and eradicating the damage of millions of years spent as leaders in the dark.

Eoghan was of equivalent rank in the dark Archon Alliance to Ashtar in the Galactic Federation of Light.  Once he came to the Light, he and Meg chose a new name for him.  They chose Eoghan.  This name is Gallic, meaning “born of the Yew tree.”  This is an ancient pre-Ice Age sacred tree of transformation and rebirth. The symbol and essence of this tree helps all with the death of old selves, old ways of life and old ways of looking at things.  Eoghan is now the Master representing Fresh Starts, New Beginnnings, Hope, Transformation and Rebirth.

Meg and Eoghan have received the healing that is waiting for each and every one of you on Earth.  What is exciting about this example is that Meg represents one who has experienced the maximum pain, programming and suffering the Earth Project has caused.  This demonstrates that everyone can surely do it!

Children, forge through.  Use Meg’s example as encouragement and inspiration.  First, be willing to acknowledge the extent of programming, suffering and damage that has touched every single soul incarnated on Earth, including you.  Once you have taken this brave, clear, long look, then call on Father and me so that together we may map out and fulfill your healing, which will not only restore you, but like Meg, you will have a lasting impact that will heal Earth, the Universe, and yes, Dearhearts, the Multiverse.

This is what I came to talk to you about today.  Feel me holding you close as these words make their way deep into your being to ignite the Mission you all carry and will fulfill.

Father and I are close to you, holding you in our arms, in anticipation of your brilliant personal and cosmic achievement,

I AM Your Mother

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May and Christine Burk, June 22, 2015

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