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Mother’s Mini-Message # 13

Beloved Ones, it is a fast-moving time on Earth.  Much of what is happening in recent days is outside your view, but creating great energy shifts nonetheless.  I will give you a small update of the things that have happened in the Temple of Light in New York, as an example of the kind of massive changes that are flowing across the globe.  Lightworkers in various walks of life have set things in motion that are then completed by other Lightworkers across the globe, and they may not even know of their joint successes.

For instance, the closing net that is bringing arrests and legal prosecution to many of the leading bankers of the cabal has started a small stampede toward the Temple of Light on the part of the incarnated dark ones.  Many have worked in secret organizations where telepathy is used as a weapon, and have been trained as part of their cabal membership to use telepathic communication and remote viewing as a way of spying on Lightworkers.  They have used these methods to try to destroy Kathryn and Christine.

They send high-pitched frequencies that are specifically aimed at the vulnerabilities they have discovered in each of them.  For instance, they send stabbing pains to Kathryn’s heart, which is supposed to initiate a heart attack (a common strategy), and burning pain to a sciatic nerve that was injured years ago.  For Christine, it is stabbing head pain and fire in her kidneys, which were injured in the scalar attack she has just recently  begun to heal from.  Even the animals in the house are under attack.

These vicious techniques are fortunately very personal.  By that I mean, it is human observers who are watching and learning about Kathryn and Christine and their loving family life.  Our daughters have maintained good spirits and at times a very funny and satirical approach to the attackers.  We call it “the wrench,” and Kathryn is very good at throwing it.  Today she announced to them that she is very flattered by all the attention they are paying, and gratified that they think she is so threatening and important to them, and so she will take their constant attempts to kill them as a great compliment.

The frequency attackers, who are trying to activate the nano devices that are supposed to drive people crazy, are baffled when they laugh uproariously, even in the midst of pain.  They taunt their adversaries by dancing and singing, “Hit me with your best shot…Fire away!”

This approach has brought a response, as I told you yesterday with the children, who were supposed to be weapons themselves, but who learned much from watching our family of Light.  Today has brought two Bushes, a Rothschild, a Rockefeller, two Cardinals, and a number of other top leaders, who have felt the ship sinking under them.  They have all been listening to the discussions in the Temple, and have become convinced that their best option, finally, is to turn themselves over to Father and me.  All respond to Kathryn’s empathic acknowledgement that they have suffered terrible abuse as cabal captives and slaves – even the leaders – that they are very tired, and that they are guaranteed safety and no punishment when they come Home to us.

When the dark ones ask, “How can we trust you are telling us the truth?” they say, “Look at us.  Do we look frightened or unhappy?  We are protected by Mother and Father.  We are joyfully volunteering for this assignment.  No one forces us to do anything.  We are free.  That’s why we laugh so much.”  This brings many to the Temple steps, where they are escorted by Christine and Kathryn to come to us, and we welcome them Home.

We are all enormously amused by hearing the clarion call of the cabal when they tentatively approach the Temple in New York.  They get the attention of Kathryn and Christine by playing the song, “Hit me with your best shot….”

It is not a quick process, of course, but the word is out, and waves of others will soon follow.  They will remain with us as souls to begin again in the Light, while their bodies’ life force fades, or some may return to do the Light work we expected them to perform when their Higher Selves went to the Light.  These recalcitrant souls were the long-absent ones who had grown up for thousands of lifetimes in the abusive, controlling culture imposed by the Annunaki.  All is now dissolving, as the Matrix of illusion and darkness crumbles.

You see, the ripples created by Lightworkers in London or Beijing or San Francisco wash up on the shores of New York, and the Illuminati, as they have been called, find they are no longer operating in secret, nor are they respected or feared.  They have learned they are being overseen by Ashtar, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Mother and Father God, and the entire Company of Heaven, and they can no longer define free will as the freedom to abuse and enslave others and destroy their Earth home.

Humankind has risen out of the illusion that you are alone, that your technology surpasses all others, that life ends when your body dies, and that you are the center of the Universe with regard to your intelligence and advanced civilization.  Enough of you have awakened and asked to remove the dark cell that has imprisoned your thinking, have raised your energy to match the incoming Light, have grown into your crystalline bodies, and have opened your hearts.  The result of that “enough” is that we can now initiate the real help we have been so eagerly awaiting to provide, as we promised so long ago when you devised this experiment.

We could not have intervened until enough of you asked, and were aware of what you were asking.  We now are thrilled that our great team of Masters, Archangels, and all the Heavenly Beings of Light can bring forth the gifts we promised to provide when the moment came that you declared your own freedom.  That time is here, my cherished children.  Now we move forward together, and our pace quickens with every step.

Father and I beam our Love into the center of your being, and we feel your awakening strength and Joy at being alive for this exciting time.  You will never regret it.

We are your Mother and Father, in adoring service to all our Creation.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 16, 2015

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