Jesuit resigns after charged with Black Mass child sacrifices


Catholic Jesuit Superior resigns after charged with Black Mass child sacrifices

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Catholic Jesuit head Adolfo Panchon announced his resignation this week after the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels linked him to Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult ceremonies. For the last month five judges have “examined numerous eyewitnesses and Vatican archival documentation that clearly link Pachon, Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to the ritual rape and killing of children as recently as 2010″ according to yesterday’s bulletin from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. Last month the ITCCS began prosecuting the case before the five international judges and 27 jury members.

“Pope Francis’ bizarre remarks during last week’s Mid East tour that ‘Sex abuse is like a Satanic Mass’ reveals that he understands that the rape of children within his church are linked to Satanic rituals in which he himself participates” the prosecutor said from Brussels. “We consider the Pope’s remarks a tacit admission of guilt and more evidence of his involvement in this monstrous crime.”

A Catholic Jesuit Order called the “Magisterial Privilege” dated Dec. 25 1967 concerning the Black Mass has been provided to the court from Vatican archives. The document was said to show that every new Pope was required to participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Black Mass ritual sacrifices of newborn children, including drinking their blood.

“Vatican documents clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood,” the Chief Prosecutor told the court. “The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”

“The Pope’s remarks about Satanic Black Masses are the lowest kind of sadistic insensitivity” agreed Ruth Leopold, a 51 year-old American who claimed to be a survivor of Catholic Satanic Black Mass torture. “Any idiot knows that even mentioning trigger words like ‘Satanic Mass’ will re-traumatize victims of Satanic torture. Maybe his words were deliberately designed since we are accusing him of taking part in Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice killings. It’s time he stepped down.”

Leopold’s Against Church Terror survivors’ network headed a witness delegation to the Brussels court. The 2014 court was prosecuting global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult said to include Pope Francis, Pachon and Welby. At least eight witnesses have testified that either Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger or Panchon were present with them as children at child sacrifices.

The May 27 ITCCS bulletin announced that the court had received new evidence from Vatican sources that detailed Pope Francis’ efforts to cover up Ninth Circle activities and “attempted to disrupt the court through covert means.”

While Pachon decided to step down, Pope Francis suggested to reporters during his recent tour of the Holy Land that he might follow former Pope Ratzinger’s example and retire. On Feb. 15 2013 the Brussels court found Ratzinger guilty of Crimes against Humanity. He resigned a few days later on Feb. 28. Evidence presented at that 2013 court could be found in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” available for free here.

Witnesses named Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members as Dutch Catholic Cardinal Alfrink and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; British, Dutch and Belgian royal family members including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Dutch Queen Wilhemina, her family and consort King Hendrick; Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, two British High Court Judges including Judge Fulford, a Canadian Catholic bishop and senior government ministers in Belgium and England.

Last week the court adjourned for a few days after receiving word that the Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult scheduled a child sacrifice for Aug 15 2014 in the subterranean vault beneath Marie-Reine-du-Monde Roman Catholic Cathedral in Montreal, Canada. Witnesses also testified that as children they were forced to watch child sacrifices in the crypt of the Caernarfon Castle in Wales, the sub basement catacomb under the west wing of the Canadian Branton Ontario Mohawk Indian residential school and at groves in France, Holland and the US.

Some have been more recent victims of this global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Jamacian and British Soldier Vivian Cunningham remained drugged in the St. George’s Hospital in Stafford England (ph: 44 01785 257888) just for asking questions about Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant for kidnapping ten native children. British citizen David Compan and his wife were accosted, drugged, arrested and incarcerated in the London Park Royal Mental Health Center for posting Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant on a Catholic Church. Compan’s arrest and release was captured in this video.

Last October in Kitchener Ontario Canada Steve Finney was trying to expose the 2013 Ninth Circle Satanic Cult case on 50,000 missing native children that included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping charges-conviction. Finney was arrested and held in prison for three days without charges. Protests around the globe organized by the ITCCS appeared effective in Finney’s and the Compans’ releases.

Former Kamloops School resident William Combes and others haven’t been so lucky. The Canadian native was injected into a coma then died after a 2010 radio interview where he discussed witnessing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leave the school with his ten friends and fellow Kamloops residents.Chief Louis Daniels, Harriet Nahanee, Jonny Bingo Dawson and Ricky Lavillee also died of mysterious causes prior to their scheduled testimonies at the 2013 international trial on 50,000 missing native children.

More evidence on activities of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult has been promised in upcoming Public Information Bulletins from the ICLCJ Court Prosecutor’s Office. The case was expected to take over a year to complete prosection due to the number of witnesses coming forth and evidence presented so far to the court. To contact officers of the International Court in Brussels email or call:,,, 250-591-4573, 386-323-5774


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19 Responses to Jesuit resigns after charged with Black Mass child sacrifices

  1. Ove Svidén says:

    Such a consequence of Catholic Church Celibacy:
    Sexual frustration, World Wide in Catholic countries …

    The monk Luther married a nun in protest.
    That is how Protestantism started. But does it suffice?

    Dear Jesus/Sananda, we now need your mature advice …

  2. Michael Johnson jr. says:

    The nature and scope of this hideous set of mass slayings and satanic murder is so disma and evil……..thererfore, this will never be forgotten !! this has been done since 1773???? well its obvious that the ninth circle satanic group has been successful so far…But….NOW its Time to meet the folks that tryed to pull a fast-one on us all!! now that witnesses have come forward and the courts have thier evidence…Only Time will reveal the mass Murder and the evil which these criminal dogs have provoked with thier sacrificial mass and baby killings. These kind od sub-humans will have to go to the gallows to satisfy the catholic people and topay society. I see a large mass of protestors in the future to hang these murders shouting*Give us Justice…the shit is going to fly im afraid …and Justly so!!

    • Bobby-Lon says:

      @MichaelJJr., …. This has been going on longer than 1773. Since before the time of Christ people worshipped a horrible god in Babylon. This god required the first born to be sacrificed to it, which meant burning the child alive. The parents were then assured a prosperous life with a big house, lots of land, and wealth. The drinking of a tortured, sexually aroused child’s blood became fashionable because of its addictive quality. Even today, there are those who say say that many members of the elite are addicted to ADRENOCHROME, which is the drug produced in the child’s blood. I saw a video clip where the actors told their “students” that the first 3 doses were free, supplied by the “teacher”, but after that, they had to make their own. After the first 3 doses, the “students” were hopelessly addicted and then had to abduct, torture and rape, and murder children in order to get more adrenochrome, which was in the blood. In our present time, we have “Ronald Bernard, Elite Dutch Banker Whistleblower” (google him), who claims that a Satanic Circle lures people into their ceremonies, and encourages them to murder a child on their evil alter. Of course, they have the hidden cameras rolling, and after that the drug addled person is forever blackmailed to do the bidding of the controllers. Ronald Bernard says that the highest levels of Banking and Politics and Education and Religion are filled with these bribed and blackmailed pawns of the evil ones.

  3. …I cant believe the mass media isnt snooping around with masses of cameras and trucks and newsman and women and…. The law for that matter????wheres the alliance of catholics to protest this heiercy??abomination desolation!! this should be talked about on every major world network ASAP!!! i want to know why this is under the rug??tell me?? are there any devout catholics left??where are we as a people??what???mass child slayings of satanic origin since 1773?? god help us!!!! and we dont know this to be true????right!! the satanic group–the ninth circle—un noticed ???not any longer! Interpol is involved-but those that help to cover up this massacre-are just as guilty –god help us to clean our clergy and replace them in mass. the debouchery of sin stinks even still…..the voices of those slain cry from the grave!!i expect a falling out shortly!!good day fellow catholics!! please do your part to spread this finding with others and petition !!may god have mercy on us all!!

    • ..i agree!!! publish this to the world press ASAP!!! the world press should cause such a stink–no one would be left out of the investigations at all. ???TThe nazi trails were done well enough and in an timely manner!!! why not this case of genocide be un-noticed?? blasphemy!!!

      • Sofi says:

        The is no world press! In fact, there is no legitimate world press!
        The few, are either killed, declared insane or labeled conspiracy theorist…
        There is only propaganda press…
        They own the press!
        Only we can pass this information around, one person at the time…
        Email, alt-media, etc.
        P.S. beware of cognitive dissonance…

  4. Ove Svidén says:

    Yes, the collapse of the old Chatolic Church will be an eye-opener soon
    But new Channeled Sacred texts are coming forward these days.
    Jesus/ Sananda Autobiography speaks about the iconic family life between Maria Magdalene and the incarnated soul Jesus /Sananda some two thousand years ago.

    Read more in: ‘The New Scriptures and Autobiography Written by Sananda …’ (The New Scriptures and Autobiography Written by Sananda/Jesus. Introduction. by Sananda/Jesus Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD.)

  5. Ayebale says:

    its a pity. i believe the catholic church is the most satanic institution in the world. But time is coming soon when it will come to pass. God shall not keep on looking at this happening. Now that the God we have always prayed to has appeared through one human being here in Uganda, in the western district of Kibaale. we are with him and every thing shall be changed i believe. all those satanic acts will come to an end and all people will turn on to one God.

  6. Jesse Bucks says:

    This is ALL such garbage! I seriously doubt pope’s since (1773???) have parcipated in child /pedophile killings. The people who read this garbage and believe this garbage are truly fools and idiots.
    Responsible journalism would have discovered this a long time ago; these lies are an attempt by EVIL forces to confuse the laity and believers into thinking the Church has imploded by these purported acts committed by evil church members.

    • Dimitri says:

      You are not at all qualified to be here or part of the conversation for that matter. Leave the adult talk for the grown ups please.

  7. Patricia says:

    Some will compare this to Islam & their own egregious cult…This is such a betrayal of all Catholic people…of all Christians…I’m old now..and must pray so much more for souls. This is akin to Planned Parenthood and their savage abortions…Now we know where and how those babies are used. They had Baptism of Blood & are in Heaven with our God. When Christ was said to have sweated blood in the Agony in the Garden…this had to be it…He died for sins anyway…

  8. Patricia says:

    What has stood out to me while reading the countries who are heavily involved in this wretched NinthCircle mess…are countries that have been heavily taken over by the
    ISIS cult..KIllings, Rapes, Women beaten in the streets…I mean these devils never sleep. They are spreading like a bad disease…I pray to Mary, Our Blessed Mother. daily as she is closest to Jesus her Son…hears the prayers of us all. Praise the Holy Cross of Jesus our Savior.

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  11. Ruth M Brown says:

    The name Catholic is so filthy.why do many children gone and no one day anything about it.did the family knew of it.did they gave their children to the pope,priest,to the elite.God have mercy.

  12. kristina says:

    Even if from 2014 – I think many missed this . How can I share it ?! Would you mind me posting it ?

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