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The Experts behind their laptops, begin to be recognised

When National Delegates become more predictable, secure and  corrupt, the mobile Experts, good hearted idealists, often without even a budget, start to influence research, inventions and innovation in EU Framework Programmes and  UN Projects. Listen to this mail to a temporary … Continue reading

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The very dark side of Satanism in the Catholic Church

Witnesses testify, eyewitnesses confirm that Pope Francis raped, killed children Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images Judy Byington  Saratoga Springs Child Abuse Examiner    April 17, 2014 This article was based on today’s exclusive interview with Kevin Annett of the International … Continue reading

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Humankind, is the Creator Race in the cosmos

Jesus/Sananda    New Scriptures    Chapter 24   Beloved Ones, it is a time of change, from Darkness to Light, from suffering to joy, from anguish to celebration.  This is a time that will be marked in your history books … Continue reading

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