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Ascension and Disclosure

Ascension and Disclosure, according to the Ascended Master Saint Germain Something Unique is happening in the Multiverse. In fact, Unique in all Kosmos! Planet Earth is Ascending in Consciousness together with all its Life and Humankind. It is followed by … Continue reading

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A daring thing to say to the 13 families of the Financial Elite

Dear Macho Monarchs of Monetary Means. Your days are numbered. Soon the ”Beast (egoism and its shadow, the financial system) will be thrown back into the sea”. The least I can do is to recommend you to leave the scene … Continue reading

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Jesus/Sananda, a two thousand year Cosmic Icon

Jesus/Sananda, a Cosmic Icon for Christ Consciousness? Think about the possibility that the Messiah that the Jewish Believers are waiting for to come, is a Spiritual Icon/Christ Consciousness and not a human being? The Great Scientist, Philosopher and Mystic, Sir Isaak … Continue reading

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Did Jesus die on the cross?

Yes, according to the story published by the Catholic Church in the Bible’s New Testament. No, according to Jesus’ own channeled  Autobibliography, published  7  Januari 2014!  (see source: JESUS/SANANDA – Kathryn E. May We are pleased to present His Autobiography and New Scriptures:‎). P.S. … Continue reading

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